TE Draft Update #3

Doug Jolley (BYU) is definitely a step down from the dynamic duo of Shockey & Graham, maybe even Stevens too, but he is a good player in his own right

At the same time I watched Lelie for the first time I also saw Doug Jolley (BYU) for the first time too but he made a better first impression. He did not start the game against Hawaii (I don't know why) but after making a real mess of his first blocking attempt – the blitzing WLB ran by his block and took on the FB leaving the RB without a lead blocker and the play was stuffed in the backfield – had a very productive game as a receiver and did a good job as a blocker both and in space.

He has good size (6'4", 251lb's) and looked the part of an every down TE. He did a good job in-line as a blocker and it was notable that when the team went double-TE that he played the inside position of the two as usually the better blocker is put inside. Despite BYU getting way behind early, I saw enough of him in the run game at both the point of attack and also at the opposite side to where the play was being ran. He's not overly powerful at the snap but he did take on the DE a number of times on a double team to help create movement and even sometimes one-on-one to sealing them inside to allow the back to get outside (Hawaii DE's are like pro sized LB's though so don't get excited, Bavaro he ain't!). He also did a nice job of making contact on the second level, getting to the LB's, extending his arms and moving his feet to sustain the block throughout the play.

As a receiver, he got out of his blocks quickly, found the open spot with ease, moved with his QB in scramble situations and got separation coming out of his cuts, especially when covered in zone by LB's (was open frequently but poor OL and QB play meant he never got the ball on many occasions). The team obviously considered him a go-to guy as he caught a number of passes on 3rd down and short or in the red zone and that is a major plus. He also caught the ball with his hands at the highest point making one TD catch – his second of the day – reaching over the top of a safety. On the down side, while he ran fast times at the Combine (4.6), he didn't look to have the same smooth quickness of some of the top prospects in the open field and while he tried to rumble for yards after the catch, he wasn't particularly effective in doing so. He also dropped one pass over the middle when given a big hit by the safety stepping up as he caught it.

In summary I'd say he was definitely a step down from the dynamic duo of Shockey & Graham, maybe even Stevens too but he is a good player in his own right likely to have a very productive NFL career and I expect him to be taken at some point in the late 2nd round, maybe earlier than that if there is a run on TE's on the first day. While the Giants have their eye on Shockey, were they to go in another direction in the first round, I certainly wouldn't be upset to see us draft him as long as he was the best player available at the time rather than a pick we were ‘forced into' by other TE prospects being taken off the board in front of us.

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