Plax's wife knew Burress would come through

Tiffany Burress knew her husband would come through. Plaxico Burress wasn't happy when he didn't start New York's week three game in San Diego. On Sunday, he made the Rams pay.

"It's awesome, it's exciting, it's fabulous," Burress' wife told TGI after her husband posted the third-best single-game receiving total in Giants history. "When you put in hard work, it pays off."

Mrs. Burress waited patiently outside the Giants locker room for her record-setting husband. The two were married on June 12. She wasn't the least bit surprised that her hubby came through with flying colors one week after being disciplined for being tardy.

"Plaxico has always been dedicated," she said. "He's a very dedicated player. He goes out and plays hard every time he's out there. He's all about progressing, improving and learning."

"I've just got the drive and the will to just keep getting better and better each day and just try to improve every week," Burress said at the post-game interview podium. "I was looking at the San Diego tape and I left a couple of plays on the field…Just try to stay focused throughout four quarters and that's what I tried to do today."

Tiffany says that Plax always makes the most of his situation.

"He's always played very hard," she said. "It depends on what situation he's in. When he was in Pittsburgh, he was given a certain situation and he did the best he could in that situation."

Now with the Giants, he's being counted on much more. Enough so that he was thrown to on 17 occasions, catching 10 passes for 204 yards and a pair of scores.

All in all, it was a thrilling day for all Giants fans, especially Plaxico's biggest supporter.

"I get excited watching him," Tiffany Burress smiled. "My heart starts beating fast because I want him to do so well."

Waiting with Mrs. Burress was one of Burress' lifelong friends, Kevin Graves. He knew there'd be no gloating from his buddy.

"He's moving on," Graves said. "This one is already over with. He's probably thinking about how he can do the same thing next game."

With his size and speed, not to mention the extreme confidence of quarterback Eli Manning, chances are that he can.

"He's changed the game," Graves said. "His height and speed, he's changed the game. He's too big. His speed is underestimated."

If Burress had any extra motivation from last week's mini-benching, he certainly wasn't saying.

"Last week was last week," he said. "I treat every day like a new day. I just want to go out and play well enough to have an impact to help my team win."

Shaun Williams, for one, believed that Burress had a little extra giddyup in his game.

"He's a very motivated person," Williams said. "The situation last week probably motivated him."

Coach Tom Coughlin said: "I would only say that he talked with the media about focusing and bearing down, and I think it's all positive."

Burress' teammates are simply thrilled to have big number 17 on board.

"He's that good of a player and he's showing that," close friend Jeremy Shockey said. "We're very fortunate to have him on our team. With his size and speed, he's capable of doing that every week."

"He's been a huge addition to this team," Tiki Barber added.

Will Allen has the good fortune to try to cover Burress in practice all week. He has a close-up view of what makes the 6-5, 226-pounder tick.

"Right now, no one can cover Plax one-on-one," Allen said. "They're going to have to start doubling him all the time. He's raising the bar. Most receivers want a 100-yard game. He went for 200. They couldn't hold him. He's tall and he can run. He really attacks the ball."

Antonio Pierce, who carries quite a rock on his own shoulder, has recognized Burress' desire to prove the naysayers wrong.

"He's just a hard matchup," Pierce said. "The guy's (6-5) with something to prove."

More than an hour after the game, Michael Strahan laughed when asked about Burress' actions last week.

"He was here early," Strahan said. "I said ‘that was the earliest I've ever seen you.' He was here at 8 and didn't need to be here till 8:25."

Plax's workweek clearly carried over to gameday.

"The guy is 6-5 with a great wingspan and he has great hands and makes plays," Strahan said. "I'm happy he's here because he's really changed our offense."

Right from the get-go. Burress entered the game with a team-high 15 catches for 192 yards and two scores. By the end of the day, he had posted as many TDs and more yards than he had in his first three Giants contests. And he started quickly, capping New York's opening drive with a 31-yard TD. When Burress caught a 14-yard pass from Manning late in the opening period, it put him over the century mark – in less than one quarter.

The Rams knew Burress was killing them, but were helpless to stop it.

As for Plax, he just wants his new team to continue to prove people wrong. A 3-1 start has already gone a long way.

"We did to the Rams what everybody thought they were going to do to us," he said.

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