Draft 2002: Analysis of the OG's

With Stone and Parker probably gone, the OG situation with the Giants is unsettled to say the least

Better late than never. With Ron Stone and Glenn Parker probably gone, the OG situation with the Giants is unsettled to say the least. Jason Whittle displayed the ability to handle the position last year, but beyond that there is much uncertaintity. While this year's draft is not as deep in guards as it is in TEs and WRs, the cupboard is definitely not bare. Here is my analysis of the top players and 1 sleeper. Heights, weights and times are from the combine unless marked (est)

Andre Gurode - Colorado 6-4 315 5.34
Toniu Fonoti - Nebraska 6-3 349 5.49

Debate exists as to who is #1, but these 2 are considered a cut above the others. Fonoti is coming out a year early, and is a road grader noted for pancake blocks. He probably has more upside, but also has a bigger adjusment to make to the pro passing game(although his 33 on the Wunderlick suggests he should be a fast learner). He is a guard and guard only. Gurode has the ability to play center in a pinch, and is also more experienced than Fonoti. He has shown decent mobility and is a more experienced pass blocker.

Where do they go? Bottom half of the 1st Rd.

Kendall Simmons - Auburn 6-2 311 5.30
Terrance Metcalf - Ole Miss 6-3 318 5.3(est.)

Two college OLTs who will play OG in the pros. Metcalfe was considered the better prospect at the beginning of the year, but many think Simmons performed better during the year. They played side by side in the Senior Bowl, switching off between G and T. Both looked good at G and mediocre at T, but scouts say Simmons may have the ability to switch out to OT in the pros if injuries demand and not embarrass himself. His excellent Peach Bowl, when he was matched up against Julius Peppers, seemed to confrim that. Solid blockers, but not road graders, they will bring OT pass protection into the interior line.

Where do they go? Round 2.

Fred Weary - Tenn. 6-4 308 5.37

A solid blocker who can also play C, Weary can provide the versitility the Giants look for. Good quickness for an interior lineman. He does, however, have more of an injury history than the first 4. But for that, a lot of people would have put him in the second group.

Where does he go? Late 2nd or the 3rd round.

Eric Heitmann - Stanford 6-3 305 5.22
Martin Bibla - Miami 6-3 306 5.34(est)
Ed Ta'amu - Utah 6-1 335 5.30
Melvin Paige - South Car. 6-5 314 5.34

All have varied styles, and opinions vary as to how the rank against each other. Heitmann is the finesse player of the group, and actually reminds me a little of a young Glenn Parker. Ta'amu is a mauler who is a little quicker than you'd expect, a sort of mid-round Fonoti. Bibla is probably the most ready to step in at the pro level, but also is believed to have the most limited upside. Paige has the size and speed to get the job done, and the Wunderlick score (34) that shows he can learn pro offenses.

Where do they go? Anywhere from the 2nd half of the 3rd round to early in the 5th round.

Richard Williams - Gardner-Webb 6'2 345 5.3(est) Real big, real strong (over 40 reps of 225) and REAL raw. Played OLT in college and in the Blue-Grey game. Looks to move inside in the pros as his feet didn't appear to be fast enough for OT. Coming from Gardner-Webb, he also will be making a hugh step up in the level of competition.

Where does he go? Late 4th through the 6th, depending on who wants to take time to let him develop.

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