Herm's in no-lose situation

More sizzle than steak – Do you get the impression that Jets coach Herm Edwards welcomes adversity? We do. Edwards, the walking sound bite, recently lost his first and second QBs with shoulder injuries. For a couple of reasons, Coach "We play to win the game" Edwards probably wasn't too concerned. The first reason is because it provided him more opportunities to banter with the New York press, which he seems to relish. Secondly, it put him in a no-lose situation personally.

No one will expect the Jets to win without their top two quarterbacks, so he gets a free pass on a season that started on a very bad note. If, however, they do turn their season around, he becomes an instant hero. Insiders around the league consider him to be a decent coach, but definitely more flash than substance.

Don Shula, Jr. – When Don Shula was coaching he was a prominent member of the league's competition committee. One of the frequent gripes from the other competitors was that Shula's Miami Dolphins got preferential treatment from the referees because they were under the close scrutiny of the committee. Well, it appears the mantle has passed from Shula to Colts GM Bill Polian. More and more teams are quietly grumbling that they can't get a fair shake on penalties when they play the Colts. Their biggest complaint is that in Colts games there are a lot of ticky tack fouls called that predominantly favor the Colts. We are not insinuating that calls are being fabricated by the referees, but let's face it, the refs are human and it's not nice to mess with the Mighty Polian.

Hoosier Daddy – Try as they might, the Steelers struggle with the Patriots. In another meaningful game, with the Pats coming off a loss, the Steelers were beaten once again by the Pats. The interesting thing about this rivalry is that the Steelers are the superior team when it comes to talent. The only area in which the Pats are better is QB, with Tom Brady over the young and still learning Ben Roethlisberger. So what is the difference maker? It's coaching. Bill Cowher, now the dean of NFL coaches, is almost always out-coached by Bill Belichick. Cowher is not alone in this category but it remains frustrating to the team and its fans alike.

Hey look at me – Some loudmouth guys get all the press and some quiet guys just go about doing their jobs. When you look at the great receivers in the league there are two camps. There are the obnoxious, self-promoters led by Terrell Owens with Randy Moss and the newest wannabee Chad Johnson. These are the "gimmick" guys. They always have some little routine to call attention to themselves. These are they guys who want to spell team with an "I." Everything they do says, "Look at me. I'm the greatest." The other group is the guys who act and play like professionals, not circus clowns. Guys like Marvin Harrison, Jimmy Smith and Muhsin Muhammad all act like they been there (the end zone) before. They go about their jobs with professionalism, dignity and class. None of them are like T.O. (Totally Obnoxious).

Not a fan – ESPN analyst Paul McGuire does not appear to be a fan of Brandon Jacobs. He has been highly critical of Jacobs' upright running style. While it is true, Jacobs does run straight up, he can still be effective in what he is asked to do. If, however, he wants to have a long career, he will have to learn to run with more body lean. Sometimes, it's not that easy to change a running style and he may lose effectiveness. Regardless, every Giants fan we know prefers Jacobs to the dearly departed Ron Dayne.

Pass me a hot dog or 10 – When last we saw Corey Simon he was a standard DT for the Eagles. Generally speaking DTs are large men. Except for being shorter than normal, Simon fit the DT mold for girth. Recently we caught Simon playing for his new team, the Colts, and we were surprised to see that he has taken on a new offseason venture. It is evident Simon has joined the competitive eating circuit and is doing quite well. He has ballooned to astronomical proportions. It looks like they had to sew two uniforms together and it still looked like the skin on an overstuffed sausage.

Simply the best – Is there any question in anyone's mind who the best running back in the entire league is? The Chargers LaDainian Tomlinson is the best. He can do it all. He blocks, he catches, he can even pass. Of course he is also a great runner. He has explosive moves and can run with power when needed. In addition to all this he is a humble guy and a great teammate. He has a chance to be among the immortal running backs of the game. Playing in San Diego he doesn't get nearly the attention and accolades he deserves.

Storm clouds – Two teams are facing extreme adversity right now. Time is running out on the Houston Texans. They have already lost their offensive coordinator, Chris Palmer, and if they don't turn it around soon, more coaches including head coach Dom Capers are sure to be next to walk the plank. The expansion team grace period is over. It's time for them to progress and instead they are regressing. A major part of the problem is they were not able to build an offensive line to protect QB David Carr. It has been proven time and time again, teams are in big trouble without an OL. Just ask the Giants the last few years. The other team in trouble is the Tennessee Titans. Their wounds are self-inflicted. This team is in the throes of salary cap Hell. They have been crippled by the cap and prevented from making many personnel moves. It will be a long dry spell for the Titans until they get their cap under control.

Mr. G.Q. – Not exactly. Has anyone ever looked worse in a uniform then Bob Whitfield? He actually looks like a "couch potato" who stole a Giants' uniform. Fortunately in the NFL, how a person looks does not usually reflect on how they play and Whitfield can still play. What he lacks physically, he makes up for with intelligence and technique. There's a moral here: Don't judge a book by its cover.

Look-a-Likes – The four all-time greatest NFL look-a-likes we've seen are: Former Jets coach Lou Holtz and Granny Clampett of the Beverly Hillbillies; Eagles coach Andy Reid and Fat Bastard from the Austin Powers movies; legendary coach Bill Parcells and Gold-digger Anna Nicole Smith; and finally Raiders Managing Partner Al Davis and cereal personality Count Chocula.

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