Shockey's still the pick ... or is he?

<P>The consensus continues to grow stronger that New York is going to select Miami TE <STRONG>Jeremy Shockey</STRONG> in the opening round. However, some still believe that the Giants are using Shockey as a smokescreen to hide their desire for another player, potentially even Colorado TE <STRONG>Daniel Graham</STRONG>. </P>

While Graham is perceived as a better all-around TE, a better blocker and probably a better citizen as well, we still feel that New York will select Shockey when their turn comes up with the 15th pick of the initial round. However, Cincinnati, at number 10, and Tennessee, with the 14th pick, are also believed to have interest in Shockey.

Should Shockey be taken, it's almost certain that the Giants will turn their efforts to landing an offensive tackle, with Arizona State's Levi Jones the likely choice.

Another serious area of need – wide receiver – will not likely be addressed until the second or third round. However, if Tennessee's Donte Stallworth drops to the 15th slot, New York would be very tempted to select the 6-0, 197-pound speedster who is rated as the draft's most talented receiver.

The Giants would also have to consider Florida's Jabar Gaffney and Pittsburgh's Antonio Bryant, but the club has no plans to spend a first-round choice on Ashley Lelie of Hawaii.

In free agent news, FB Greg Comella is extremely close to signing with Tennessee. Contrary to published reports, Comella, who has spent the last four seasons with Big Blue, has not yet officially become a member of the Titans.

"I don't know where that stuff came from," Comella said Thursday afternoon. "I don't even have a contract yet."

According to Comella, the Titans were planning to overnight the contract for his signature by the end of Thursday's workday. The deal, which Comella plans to sign Friday, is for five seasons (with an option for a sixth) and is worth close to $7 million.

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