Coach Tom Coughlin Conference Call: 10-12-05

Q: What's up with Will Peterson? A: I don't know yet. As I told you yesterday, the two specialists have not talked.

Q: When are they scheduled to talk?

A: I would hope early this week; today, tomorrow or sometime in the immediate future.

Q: Have you listed him as "out" this week?

A: Yes.

Q: Is there a particular reason for the delay?

A: Well, first of all, the appointment on the west coast was delayed for some kind of personal issue with the doctor. So that prolonged it a little bit.

Q: Does the delay hamper your preparation regarding filling a roster spot, etc?

A: Well, the plan goes forward. I didn't expect them to say, 'Okay, he can go play.' So we have to be prepared to play without him. I think what we are talking about here is just to what extent, or is the season over. That is basically it.

Q: Have you decided to go with a rotation like you did the last time with Curtis Deloatch or Corey Webster?

A: Well, what we did the majority of the time was Corey came in in the nickel and dime. That is probably the way it will go.

Q: How much has Corey improved since the beginning of training camp?

A: Improvement for a young guy comes in small chunks. He has always demonstrated the things that we see - playing the ball in the air, recognition, a good feel for where the ball is, the ability to catch the ball. He has always demonstrated that and he continues to do that. The injury did set him back, but he is coming back to the point now where I think we can expect that he is going to improve steadily. He has to be a guy who helps us win.

Q: In preparing for Dallas, what problems does their offense present?

A: Lots of problems, as you saw the other day. I think Bledsoe is having an exceptional year. The receivers are playing very well. They pass protected extremely well the other day. They ran the ball. They pretty much dictated, to an outstanding defensive team, exactly what they were going to do. They made big plays when they had to make them. They had great field position - 29 of their first 32 snaps were in plus-territory. That was the start of the game. That was a heck of a momentum-builder right there. Even in going for it from the goal line on fourth-and-one, they created a situation where Philadelphia was very backed up. They pressured them and got the ball again in outstanding field position. So, they present a lot of problems. The running game has been very solid, very good. Jones is an exceptional runner. We experienced him last year and know full well how good he is. So there are lots of issues there.

Q: Did they manhandle the Eagles as much as it appeared up front?

A: They played very well, let's put it that way. There would be the questions about their consistency. I think they played about as consistent as you can up there.

Q: Will Carlos Emmons practice today?

A: Not today.

Q: Will anybody else not practice?

A: Peterson.

Q: If Emmons can't go, how much will the impact your ability to cover a guy like Jason Witten?

A: Well, obviously you have taken a very good football out of our lineup, which doesn't make it easier all of the way around, but you do the very best you can. You adjust to it and you play. And that is what we would have to do. The doctor sees the players tonight after practice and we will know a little bit more about that tomorrow.

Q: Are there aspects of your offense that the Cowboys haven't had to deal with this year?

A: I'm sure there are always some specific parts that are different. As you develop an identity, a personality, there certainly are. But they have seen a lot. Let's face it, they are 2 and 1 on the west coast, 1 and 1 at home, both games in the division. This is our first divisional game. They have seen some outstanding offensive football teams. They beat the Chargers at home.

Q: Defensively, what did they do on Sunday that shut the Eagles down?

A: They were very aggressive. They provided some different looks. They seemed to control the line of scrimmage.

Q: Is this 3-4 defense similar to San Diego's 3-4?

A: No, this one has an identity of its own. They also play the 4-3. They played some nickel on early downs last week, which they hadn't been doing.

Q: Do the Eagles look as good as they did last year?

A: I didn't study the Eagles. I'm studying the Cowboys.

Q: RE: DeMarcus Ware - will he cause trouble for you?

A: It's a recognition thing. I think you need to know where he is. He has done an outstanding job of rushing the passer, he has three sacks. Ellis has two-and-a half. They certainly use them very well. He can appear in a lot of different spots. In the sub-package he appears in a lot of spots. So you do have to have a lot of awareness there.

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