Giants need to corner market ASAP

Last issue you mentioned that cornerback would be a high priority for the Giants in the offseason. Who are some specific players who could be of interest to them?

The offseason search for any position should begin with the draft. So, with that in mind, there are some interesting college corners who might be of interest.

Jason Allen from Tennessee. He was our top corner going into the season. We say, "was" because he recently injured his hip in a game against Georgia. It looks serious at this point, but don't forget, the Giants rolled the dice on Corey Webster last year. Allen is tall, active and physical. We will watch to see how his injury affects his draft status.

Jimmy Williams from Virginia Tech. He is another corner to watch. He's a tall corner with very good short area quickness. He is smooth in transition to turn and run. Always around the ball, he is a playmaker.

Alan Zemaitis from Penn State. He is also tall with good range and closing quickness. He has quick feet and he turns well. He has fluid motion with good turning ability. He has good acceleration and he breaks on the ball well.

Demario Minter from Georgia. He displays good range, athletic ability and competitiveness. He reacts quickly to reads. He has speed and he recovers quickly. He has loose hips and very little wasted motion.

Will Blackmon from Boston College. He is a versatile cover corner who also returns kicks. Although he cheats at times, he peeks into the backfield; he has good instincts and awareness. He is generally smooth and fluid in transition. He needs more technique work, but he has good potential.

What about free agency?

It's not a great year for free agent corners. Will Allen will be one of the top corners available if that tells you anything about the crop. The two top available corners will be Charles Woodson from the Raiders and Nate Clements from the Bills.

Woodson is a talented corner, but we would not be interested in him at any price. The team signing him will get far more than they bargained for. He is what is called a high maintenance player. He never seems happy about anything and is the kind of guy who is a drain on a team no matter how good he is.

The other corner who would be of tremendous interest to us would be Nate Clements. He would be perfect for the Giants. He can cover, he makes plays and he's physical. He is truly one of the best in the league. As an elite corner, he will command huge money to sign and it is very possible the Bills will place a Franchise tag on him to avoid losing him.

The other corner of interest is Brian Williams from the Vikings. He would come at a reasonable price for the skills that he has. Unfortunately, he's had an injury filled year so far, so that would probably rule him out. They don't need another Will Peterson in the secondary.

Andre Goodman from the Lions and Jerry Azumah from the Bears would be ideal third corners. The way it looks now, Corey Webster and Curtis Deloatch may be the future starting corners. It looks like Webster will be able to handle it at some point, but the jury is still out on Deloatch. Frank Walker seems destined to be a third corner at best. That's why it is important they bring in a reserve corner like Goodman or Azumah and draft someone reasonably high.

What's your take on the Eagles' mediocre start?

I wish I could remember who said it, it may have been Dallas safety Roy Williams, but I am not sure. Whoever it was, made a great point. The statement was that since the Eagles have been running the exact same offense with the same players for a number of years it makes sense that teams are learning how to attack it. Their offense has a track record and it hasn't been broke, so they haven't tried to fix it. It's a little like the old Lombardi Packers, teams knew what was coming; they just executed so well they couldn't be stopped. Everything the Eagles do on offense is recorded and is no great mystery. Bright defensive coordinators are going to be able to scheme to stop it and then it's a matter of execution. That's what Dallas did when they handled them easily.

The same is true with the Eagles defense. They live and die by the blitz. So far they've been living by it, but a smart QB who knows how to deal with a blitz can beat them. Their corners, Lito Sheppard and Sheldon Brown, are good but not unbeatable. They get a lot of hype but they are the beneficiaries of a strong blitz-generated pass rush. With the injuries to Donovan McNabb, this could be the season the Eagles come back to the pack. Wouldn't that be nice? It couldn't happen to a better bunch.

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