Third Round Selection - OT Jeff Hatch

The Giants selected Jeff Hatch, an OT for third round selection (#78 overall). It gives the offensive line some much needed help.

Position: Offensive Tackle
College: Pennsylvania
Height: 6-6.3
Weight: 307
Hometown: Millersville, Md.

Positives: Shows quick feet and sharp initial quickness off the snap…Creates good movement off the ball with his strong straight-ahead charge…Sustains blocks working in space, getting into position while maintaining balance…His ability to trap and pull saw him shift to offensive guard his senior year…Adjusts smoothly to pick up the blitz…Has great hand quickness and shows solid foot adjustment skills on the move…Has solid recovery ability, displaying effortless lateral agility…Redirects well in pass protection.

Negatives: As well-built of an athlete that he is, he does not consistently demonstrate raw power…Lacks explosiveness coming off the snap and seems to have his feet slide out from under him when having to move past the short areas…Sloppy taking on linebackers upfield…More of a wall-off and screen-type of blocker than one that would manhandle the defender…While he demonstrates good hand usage, he needs to develop more power behind his punch to rock defenders back…Ducks his head and loses sight of the defender working in space.

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