From the locker room

Jeremy Shockey: The past two weeks it seems like we really couldn't get anything going until the last couple of minutes. That's football, sometimes. We left a lot of plays on the field last week, and I'm sure when we watch this film there's going to be plays we left out there. The little things that we did at the end of the game did win us the game.

That drive was pretty hard to bear, it was tough being out there and letting them tee off on Eli and seeing him down on the ground every other play. We just have to clean up the protections and polish off the routes.

Q: Amani had a big game today; can you talk about how it must be a nice redemption for him since he has kind of become the forgotten guy?

RE: We call him the "goat." Playing with him a couple of years and seeing how successful he has been in his career; there's no person on this team that deserves it more than Amani Toomer. He's been a complete team player and an outstanding teammate to play with. He made great plays all through the game and really won the game for us.

Q: Why do you call him the "goat?"

RE: He's the ‘Greatest Of All Time' in Giant receiving. He's an exceptional player and it's a pleasure to play with him.

Eli Manning

Describe the game-winning play?

Answer: It was a play we put in this week. It was not really meant for that coverage; it was meant for a cover-2. They played a single-high man and blitzed the weak side. Tiki did a great job picking up that block, giving me time, and Amani usually runs over the top of the defense and tries to get over everybody. He just tried to find a lane and I tried to buy some time to find somebody open to end the play. We try to run against a cover two and all of a sudden we get man-to-man press, so it wasn't really how the play was originally drawn up, but he did a great job of working open as I was buying some time. The offensive line did a great job blocking and I saw him flash across the end zone so I tried to throw it up where he could get it.

Q: How much confidence did you gain from the last minute touchdown in Dallas and how did that affect you today?

A: I think as an offense we feel pretty comfortable in a two-minute drive because we work on it a lot. We did it all the time during training camp and every week in practice. A lot of those plays that we run in it are plays that we run over and over again so everyone knows what to do; everyone is very comfortable with what is going on. I feel comfortable out there, we had a good plan of what they were going to do defensively and guys made big plays when we needed it.

Q: What did it mean for you to have Amani have his best game of the season today?

A: I've said it over and over, you don't know when Amani is going to have his big game and he has to stay ready. You never know in this offense who is going to make your big plays and today it was Amani. He made a number of big time catches throughout the game, obviously none bigger than the last one to win the game. He stepped it up today and played a big role in this win.

Q: Were you roughed up by your teammate's celebration after the final touchdown?

A: It was worth it. No major injuries. Maybe a slight concussion from people hitting me on the head but it was definitely worth it.

Tom Coughlin

Well, that was some kind of finish. And I was kidding with Eli in (the locker room) that now I guess we have to wait until the middle of the fourth quarter before we mount a drive of some kind. But, it was – we lost last week, but we were able to come back. It didn't look good to get into overtime and then we didn't come away with a win. This week we were able to make two outstanding drives out there late in the game. Once again, we had thrown the interception and didn't think we would ever get the ball back. Our defense got the ball back for us and we were able to drive the ball the length of the field with many, many key plays. Of course, with no timeouts the play to Amani – I'm happy for Amani, I really am, with the play that he made at the end. We have two wonderful owners, two men who are both ill. It's just a nice thing to be able to put a smile on their faces tonight.

Re: Is it tempo or focus with your offense scoring at the end for two weeks in a row.

It's just heart. You're battling all the way. There's no script for these things now. You battle, fight, and scratch. It doesn't look good. You don't make some plays and then you make some plays. I wish it was all easy and smooth, but it's not. It's not. It's hard. You're playing against a very good football team, a team that is 5-1, but that was sailing along and had beaten the World Champions and played extremely well. They beat the San Diego Chargers, a team that beat us earlier. So, a very good football team that came out in the third quarter. You saw it. In three plays, they were in the end zone. So, they had their little script if you will for the start of the second half based on what we did. But, we were able to regroup and thank goodness it wasn't a continuous thing. But, they are a good football team and a very good defense. Coming in they were outstanding. We knew that. They were very physical. They were a team that got all kinds of pressure. But tonight we were able to make some plays.

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