Tiki or Jacobs to get extra carries?

Paul Schwartz: Maybe for Halloween, Brandon Jacobs could go Trick or Treating in a Tiki Barber costume. Then maybe Tom Coughlin would see fit to give him a few carries every once in a while. Kenny, I know you're frustrated that Jacobs has suddenly become the 266-pound invisible man.

I know you're wondering why Jacobs gets to run around on special teams but rarely gets a chance to carry the ball. I have the same concerns, especially as the season progresses and the wear and tear begins to grow on Barber. But you know what? That's what being a rookie is all about. Better players than Jacobs have stood on the side, waiting for the chance that rarely ever comes. I like what I've seen from Jacobs when he's carried the ball, other than him standing up so straight he looked like the Statue of Liberty on that fumble on the 1-yard line in Dallas. As superficial as you are, I just know you're going to rip the coaching staff for not getting Jacobs more involved. But you can't have it both ways. You know you're one of the guys (I'm in this group) that was complaining about Barber not getting enough work. Year after year, we cry for more help from Barber, season after season we worry about him wearing down. What happens? Year after year, he proves us wrong. Season after season, he gets better and stronger the later it gets. What's holding Jacobs back is not Tom Coughlin, it's Tiki Barber. The Giants have a franchise running back and it's their best option to use him. Plus, and I know you've overlooked this, did you see that outrageous block Barber made on linebacker D.J. Williams to give Eli Manning just enough time to fire the game-winning touchdown pass to beat the Broncos? You think Jacobs could pick up the blitz so effectively? Tiki's the man, meaning Jacobs can wait.

Ken Palmer: Have to agree that it's a very tough spot the staff is in. Tiki's obviously unhappy with the amount of touches he's gotten so far this season. But Jacobs showed during camp and early in the year that he could definitely get the job done. Surely they can find a way to get him five carries a game, no? I can't believe that the only time they saw fit to give him the ball in Dallas was that fumble. Say all you want about him getting special teams plays before that; a rookie's first carry of the game should never come at the goal line after more than 58 minutes have been played. That is poor coaching. Like I said, I admit, it's a real tough spot for the offensive staff, but there's no doubt that both the franchise and the fan favorite can be accommodated. I have an idea: with all due respect, how about we stop force-feeding carries to Derrick Ward each week? Yeah, thought you'd like that.

PS: Enough about Jacobs. Offense isn't the problem with this team. Defense is, and how the Giants configure their linebacker corps is not easy to figure. The plug was finally pulled on Barrett Green, who was put on season-ending injured reserve, which I'm sure you'll somehow blame on bad old Coughlin. I know you're the product of a school that used to proudly consider itself Linebacker U, so you should be able to see that this group is having its problems. By the way, how's that former Penn State great LaVar Arrington faring down in D.C.? Looking forward, the Giants need Antonio Pierce to be better than he's been in the middle, they need Nick Greisen to continue to play at a high level, they need Reggie Torbor to mature in a hurry and they desperately need Carlos Emmons to get healthy. You like to love 'em and leave 'em, Kenny, casting away players when they no longer have any use to you. Emmons has been banged up but he's too solid of a player to dismiss. Without him, the linebackers are a hodge-podge group. He's a stabilizer, especially when he's back where he belongs on the strong side.

KP: Surprisingly you've noticed, Paul, that when healthy Emmons has been one of the game's best strong-side backers. Perhaps you've missed out on the fact that he's barely been healthy since he landed in New York. The Giants need to look forward and establish next year's crop now and stick with it. Without doubt, Antonio Pierce is the man in the middle. My thoughts are that they should do whatever they have to to re-sign Nick Greisen and play him and Reggie Torbor on the flanks. They're the three best, most dependable linebackers going forward. Surely you could save some cap money on Emmons, who's a gamer, and can't be faulted for being banged up so much. As for dear ‘ol State, perhaps you didn't notice that so-called genius Gregg Williams in D.C. finally has LaVar back in the game plan and that Paul Posluszny is one of college football's best backers as we speak. Of course you didn't notice. That's part of what makes you you.

PS: The last time I checked, the Giants were a winning team, so we should be able to find something to praise. How about that kicking game? When was the last time we could say that the Giants just might have the best kicker-punter tandem in the league? Jay Feely has been great and if our armed forces need someone to drop something in an exact spot, they're advised to call Jeff Feagles, who angles and places his punts so precisely he might as well be using radar. Let's have some fun. If I could pick just one of these guys as the most important, I'd go with Feely. He's an offensive weapon the way he drills 50-yard field goals. He scores points for the team and last time I checked, points are what win games. The guy consistently sends his kickoffs deep enough to pin the opponent deep in its own territory. That is of great aid to the Giants defense. I have a hunch you're going with Feagles. Maybe that's because you guys have similar hairstyles. At least he has age as an excuse.

KP: Of course I'm going with Feagles. Feely has been a great addition not only drilling every field goal, but with his kickoffs as well. However, I can't remember him winning a game yet with a three-pointer. The defense is the real trouble spot on this team, and Feagles is the man responsible for putting said defense in the best possible position. You see him at practice in the bubble; he can skim the roof on 50-yard bombs with minimal effort. The guy's a pro's pro, has been consistent for years and is far and away, more important than Feely to this club and could very well be one of the most important parts of the entire team. Could you imagine how badly the defense would be gouged if Feagles weren't always leaving the opposing offenses in such bad field position? By the way, if this is really your idea of fun, then you seriously need to get out a little more – and I don't mean pumpkin picking.

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