Giants sign a bunch

The Giants today announced the signing of 17 rookie free agents and one first-year free agent

Cornerback Tony Badger of West Alabama

Quarterback Ed Collins of Montclair State

Safety Ryan Clark of LSU

Safety Nate Coggins of West Georgia

Linebacker Nick Colbert of Troy State

Offensive lineman Pat Crummey, of Youngstown State

Tackle Michael Curry of Hofstra

Cornerback Calvin Coleman of Montana

Defensive tackle Rachman Crable of Ball State

Defensive end Sean Guthrie of Boston College

Defensive back Ronnie Hamilton of Duke

Defensive tackle Matt Mitrione of Purdue

Guard Dwayne Pierce of LSU

Linebacker Brad Rice of Idaho

Tackle Vincent Sandoval of Oregon State

Fullback Charles Stackhouse of Mississippi

Wide receiver David Thompson of Holy Cross

Center Terence Wagner of Sacramento State

In addition, the club announced that fullback Anthony Green has been released.

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