Player Diary: Corey Webster

‘There's no limit to what our team can do' I'm definitely getting a lot more comfortable in the defense we're running. We've been progressing well and coming together as a secondary. As a defense, we're definitely going in the right direction and the direction that we need to go in. Personally, I've been playing a lot more and that's been great.

But I just have to keep on doing what I've been doing, impressing the coaches and doing what they ask of me. That's all I can do. If I do that, I know that things will work out for the best.

I just want to help the defense and the team in whatever capacity I can. If it's special teams, whatever, you have to do what you can to help. Defensively, you have to prepare every week like you're a starter because you never know what could happen. I go out there with that mentality and I think it's going to help me and carry me a long way.

I have no idea if and when they're going to put me in the starting lineup. All I can do is what I can control. That's what I always say. Going out and practicing hard is the goal. You don't want to give these coaches a chance to say that I'm not doing what I'm supposed to be doing. As long as I'm doing what I'm supposed to, there's always a chance that I can make it hard on a coach to keep me out of the lineup. But all the other guys are working hard like that too.

Of course, I would like to start. Everybody in this locker room wants to start. But sometimes you just have to do what the team needs you to do. That's what I'm going to do and I think that'll take me further in life than anything. There's no question that I could handle being in the starting lineup. I go out every day and practice like I'm a starter. I practice like anything can happen. Even in the meeting rooms, I'm watching film and trying to figure out how I can learn and help the team.

I think the first half of my rookie year has gone fairly well. We're doing well as a team, so that's obviously good too. A lot of people were talking about what wasn't being done with our defense and our secondary, but there were a lot of new guys and first-year guys back there that were starting at new positions. Like me, I'm a rookie. It just took some time to feel each other out and start being able to communicate and learn each other. We're progressing really well now.

The secondary really got a bad rap earlier on this year. We're doing what we need to do. I think we're doing really well. A win is a win. A lot of people will say that we gave up too many yards or whatever but we still made the other team score fewer points than our offense. We still have to get better, and not make those mistakes that we did make, but a win is a win. That's how we're looking at it.

I came here from LSU so I'm used to winning. I came here at a good time. We're still progressing and winning. That's really what I'm used to. I'm happy and I'm satisfied with it. We go out and do a great job in practice and just continue trying to get better.

One thing that's been a little difficult for me here is that we run a different style defense than I was used to at LSU. Nothing's really been all that difficult, because if the will is there to learn it'll be easy for anybody to learn. You just have to pick up the playbook and be able to do what this coaching staff asks of you. It hasn't been that long since I was playing at LSU so there are still some little things that'll pop in my head, but then I'll realize that was how it used to be, not how it is here. In order to be successful, you have to know the system inside and out and then be able to play within it. That's the main thing you need to concentrate and focus on.

A lot of people said the step from college to pro ball was going to be tough. But to be honest, it really wasn't as difficult as everyone said. It was a pretty easy transition. The major difference in my mind is that every game is a hard game. In college, you have some of those games where you know you're going to win. Here, every team is good, so you have to be ready every week and act like you're playing for the championship every week. If you get that mental aspect going during the week, you'll come into the game in the right frame of mind. That makes it easier for you.

I haven't been around the ball as much as I would like so far. I can remember a play in the Saints game that I'd like to have back. I got my hands on a ball that I tipped away in the end zone that I think I should have intercepted. If I could take that play back, and go through it again, I'd like another chance to make it.

The other guys in the secondary have been real helpful. They've really taken the rookies under their wing and been great. They try to teach us some things that those veterans already know. They've been in the league a long time. They know what they can get away with and what they can't. They know how to watch tape and learn from that. They've done a good job of being serious and helpful with us and not really trying to play tricks on us or anything. That's because everyone here just wants to win. We don't need that other bull-stuff. We just want to win, and they've been a great help in doing so. A lot of people have said that I've been a good rookie and I always do what I'm told so I haven't really had a lot of pranks on me. I listen well so that helps.

I think our defensive backs are a lot better than what people are writing and saying about them. All you can do in that spot is take it and use it to try to make you work harder and play better. I don't think it's fair for some of those guys to get beat up on. Everybody's a player. Nobody goes out there and tries to get beat. Everybody's working hard and practicing and preparing to be successful. You're going to win some, and you're going to lose some. But you have to be able to block it out of your mind and come back and make the next play.

We're halfway through this season, and I really think there's no limit to what our team can do. Of course we have to take it one game at a time. If we keep doing that, we'll be fine. There are a lot of new guys here that weren't here last year when the record wasn't so good. They put together a good team, and that's why we've been playing better.

Finally, I have to say that I'm still feeling good so far. We've already played a college season's worth of games, but I have no problem. A lot of people talk about the brain freeze or hitting the wall, but I haven't had any of that. I feel good.

Hopefully I can continue to play better and better each week. I want to keep going out there and make as many plays as possible, create a lot of turnovers and start to become known for making plays. You always want to not only stop the opposing offense, but take the ball away from them. The only way our offense can score is if they're on the field. We want them to be on the field as much as possible. That's how we can make a name for ourselves on defense.

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