Great Holiday Items For Real Fans

In our continuing series of football related products for the home, we review two video projectors – just in time for Christmas.

Let me make on thing clear – I do not consider myself an audiophile but I do own a flat screen HD TV and digital surround sound. (Once you watch an NFL game on HD there is no going back to regular TV). I wanted to find out about the latest entry level projectors that you could shine on your wall or garage door and show a football game larger than life with exceptional quality.

The Mitsubishi HC900 was easy to set up right out of the box. Of course, I did not read any instructions, just pulled it out and plugged it in. Hooking up the satellite dish was easy and the picture was exceptional. Our picture was 8' wide and very bright.

The HC900 comes with internal speakers that sound okay but are a little tinny. The projector is very light (six lbs.) and can easily be brought from inside to outside.

The DLP technology of the Mitsubishi (2000:1 High contrast) is near HD quality and it is very easy to adjust the light features. The real power of the HC900 came when we hooked up the Xbox and played several games with four players at a time.


On a 92" screen it looked awesome

Great for game playing

Light weight

Remote control is easy to use

Easy adjustments


Fan noise

Feet on projector are useless

This projector has really dropped in price and although the MRSP is $3,000 you can get this for around $1,400 at stores like Best Buy.

The EPSON Moviemate 25 is a projector that has a built in DVD player. This projector does not have the same picture quality as the Mitsubishi but is easy to use out of the box and has other features lacking from the HC900.

The EPSON has a contrast ratio of 1000:1, which is a visible disappointment when you have just watched the Mitsubishi. It is also weighs 15 pounds and is not as easy to move around.

Why would this be a good projector to buy? Well, you get a progressive scan DVD player (which looks very good). It comes with an external subwoofer and the best part is it comes with an 80" screen that rolls up into a compact case.

The EPSON is also less expensive than the Mitsubishi and can be found for about $1,200.


Quiet fan

Built-in DVD player

Decent sound

Comes with screen



Picture quality

If you want to mostly watch DVDs, the EPSON is best model of the two. The Mitsubishi has the best picture quality for watching programs and playing video games (especially with the new Xbox 360).

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