Player Diary: Bob Whitfield

It was real good and real fun to get my first real playing time of the year against the Eagles, especially since my four kids were up in the stands and they loved it. To go in the game and get some action is fun, but it's even more fun when you have your kids out there too. This is the first game they got to come to, so it was extra special for me. The first game they get to watch, their Pop gets to play. It was awesome.

There are always one or two plays that you wished you had done better on, but for the most part I was competitive and stayed active and thought I did pretty well. For an old man like me to stay active, that's always a plus. I had a good time running around out there.

I had to get into it a little bit with the kid (Trent) Cole on the Eagles. It was fun. I told the ref, ‘I don't complain much, but that son of a gun stuck his hand all the way up in my facemask and you didn't call anything. So I guess I have to handle this one.' And I did.

The fact that I was able to just come in off the sideline and perform is really a credit to my teammates Osi and Mike Strahan that they keep me in game tempo every day during practice. Working against them every single day in practice brings me to game speed. I feel like my footwork and technique is always going to be on point just from having to block those two all the time. By missing the actual game action you might miss a few little things, but as you start playing it starts coming back to you.

I really like this team. We definitely play competitively. The defense has been the strength of this team, they've been playing superb football and really keeping our offense in the games. I think it's about time that the offense picks it up and goes out there and puts a nice little game together so that we can take the pressure off the defense. We need our offense to control the tempo so we can keep opposing offenses off the field.

I think our offense is starting to jell together though. Eli has a good thing working with Plax and with the tight end as well. I think Tiki's per-carry average is very high when he gets his touches. But I think the offensive line needs to set a more dominating tempo. That will keep teams from thinking that they can take the shots at us that they'd like. We'll be the ones doing the stuff to them, not the other way around. Whether it's run or pass we want the defenses to have to take notice of this O-line.

I know that people have given our O-line some flak because that's what always happens with the O-line. But to me it is obvious flak because with the type of O-line that we have I feel we could be twice as productive. The field goals could be touchdowns. The three-and-outs should be first downs. We need to make those big plays to keep us going. But at the same time we need to improve on all the little things so that the two-yard run is always a six-yard run.

It's definitely important for our line to have the depth that we have. That's a testament to the line and how they perform during the week. Having me, Whittle and Richie as backups, you've got guys that have some experience. We know how to prepare, get ready for the game and we know what it takes in the game. From a lot of teams we have the advantage because we have experienced backups. Most other teams have first- and second-year guys there that really haven't played.

I can tell that my teammates were glad to see me in there. I like to bring a little old-man exuberance to the field, a little bit of trash-talking, a little bit of feistiness, a kick-butt approach. I told the coaches that I'm not going to be all rah-rah on the sideline, but if I get into the game, I'm taking my kick-butt, beat-down style of play with me. I think the other guys feed off that. If I'm running around chopping guys, they're going to be running around chopping guys.

When guys see my demeanor on the field and how much fun I have out there, it does lift them up. During the game when a bad series happens, you get down. I think the guys really felt me being out there and appreciated a little feistiness and a little fight from me. That pumped them up too.

I just have to stay ready now. I don't know when I'll play again, and obviously I would love to get some more reps and more plays, but I'll be ready for whenever. Whatever role I have, I'll just do my role. During the week I make our defense better, and if I have to come in during the game, I'll make the offense better.

I love playing in New York with the Giants. Everybody here is always in good spirits, loves their jobs and comes to work ready to go. I like it here a lot. Coming to work is still so much fun. Strahan gave me a ride to the stadium before the Eagles game and we were talking about the one thing we really like about being in this sport is just coming to work and being around your guys. You go through all these months of working together and you build camaraderie and a trust factor. This is really like having your own little family here. You enjoy being around the guys, spending a lot of time and emotion with these guys. That's my favorite part – just being around my teammates.

As for my future, I'm just going to take it as it comes. I'll play until they don't want me. At my age, you only need one team to want you. I can do Bob Whitfield in 32 places, but I prefer to do it in New York. I prefer to do it in New York. I would love to finish my career here. New York, New York, the big city of dreams.

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