Cleaning up Blue's Seattle slop

In order to remain somewhat sane after the Seattle game, it's time to vent a little. False starts – What's up with that? The Giants' display in Seattle was downright sickening. Yes, it was loud, but the Giants acted like this was the first time in the history of football that there has been a loud crowd. Luke "false start" Petitgout was the main culprit, but others, notably David Diehl, contributed to the disgrace as well.

Moving on the snap and not before is not that difficult. The main thing required is concentration. It's not hard to watch the ball. When it moves, then you move, not before. One, maybe two can be tolerated in a game, but 11? It should never have happened and they should be embarrassed by their performance. They practice silent snap counts regularly. There is just no excuse for what happened in Seattle. Truthfully, we are somewhat surprised that Coughlin didn't sit Petitgout and/or Diehl on the bench. Coach said they have competent replacements in Bob Whitfield and Jason Whittle. Where were they? For a coach who demands discipline, he was inconsistent. He benches players for being late to a meeting, but these guys stay on the field and kill the Giants five yards at a time. It's inconceivable that he would tolerate this.

Preseason Stars – Think back to the preseason and how impressed we all were with Corey Webster and Brandon Jacobs. Where are they now? Webster was taken to school when he finally got a chance to start after Curtis Deloatch was injured. He didn't look any better than Deloatch and may have looked worse. Brandon Jacobs was going to be just what the doctor ordered. He was running over people at will and he was the answer to their short-yardage prayers. Wrong. There is a lesson to be learned here. Just like it really is not important what a team's record is in the preseason, the same is true with preseason stars. Everyone is anxious to find the next gem, but those games are deceiving and should be taken with a grain of salt. That's not to say that Webster and Jacobs will not become very good players, it's just that it will take a while because success in this league is rarely instantaneous.

Catching class – Will Allen did it again. He had what could have been a huge interception in his hands and as usual it went right through his hands. It is inconceivable that an athlete with his tremendous physical skills is not able to catch. That flaw in his game is probably keeping him from being an elite corner. We recently saw a story on TV about a WR who played at Texas Tech who had tremendous physical skills but had very poor hands. The coach developed a system for him using a machine that is used to simulate a serve in tennis. Every day the receiver would have to catch 100 tennis balls fired at him by the machine at a very high rate of speed. The receiver learned to catch the tennis ball with his hands. When he caught a football, he said it looked huge in comparison to the tennis ball. Hey Will: Tennis anyone?

Work to be done – We have no idea how this team is going to finish the season. They have a good chance for the playoffs, but as we are sure you will agree, the playoffs are far from a lock. This team still squanders too many opportunities. If you look at every loss they have had this season going into the Dallas game, the only one they were out of and should have lost was the San Diego game. Eli Manning is progressing nicely. The defense is playing much better. The defensive line is doing well. They will be even better when William Joseph gets back into the mix. Kendrick Clancy has been amazing. Osi Umenyiora has picked up his game and Justin Tuck looks like he will be a valuable pass rusher. The linebackers also look fine for the future. Nick Greisen came on just in time. Reggie Torbor is developing as well. So, when we look critically at this team we don't see a lot of holes that need to be filled. With the exception of the secondary, the rest of the position units look pretty good. Sure, we still wouldn't mind them getting a little better on the offensive line. Petitgout makes far too many mistakes for our taste. But, they should have no problem focusing their attention on corner and safety during the offseason.

Let's take a spin around the league.

Bears defense – This group is for real. Their defensive line is young and talented and it has a chance to be the dominant DL in the entire league. Their line is the key to their success. The rest feed off them. DEs Adewale Ogunleye and Alex Brown can really bring the pressure. Their DT rotation with Tommie Harris, Ian Scott and Tank Johnson is strong and athletic. Former first round pick Michael Haynes is struggling to see playing time. Brian Urlacher is having a great year because the D-line keeps blockers away from him. Lance Briggs is a highly underrated player. The have two outstanding, playmaking corners in Charles Tillman and Nathan Vasher as well as a Pro Bowl safety in Mike Brown. This defense is posed to be a dominant defense for many years to come. They are allowing the offense, which is very weak, to grow and develop. This could become a future Super Bowl team.

Don't be fooled – If you saw Ron Dayne on Thanksgiving Day then you saw him play a major role in the Broncos win over the Cowboys. If anyone is having second thoughts about turning him loose, forget about it. He's been tied securely to the bench and that was the first time he got any substantial playing time. The only reason he was playing was because Tatum Bell was injured. As far as we can see, he's still the same old Ron Dayne. He always could run through a huge hole, but what back can't? He still struggles when the going gets tough. When he has to make yardage on his own, he reverts back to "No Gain" Dayne.

The Mooch is loose – Detroit fired Steve Mariucci and they should have. He is the classic example of the Pete Carroll syndrome. Mooch wanted to be everyone's friend and the result was an undisciplined team. Perhaps he should try his hand at college coaching where his "be my friend" system has a chance to work like it did for Carroll. The one thing that dumbfounds everyone is how Matt Millen keeps his job. He even got a five-year extension before the season started. Matt Millen is about inept as a GM can be.

Say it ain't so Joe – Did you see former Giants WR Joe Jurevicius have a huge day against the Giants? We are glad that he has found a home in Seattle and that he has been a big part of turning that team around. It is especially good for him after all he went through in his personal life; it's just a shame he had to have such a great game against the Giants. It's always galling when an ex-Giant comes back to haunt them.

Tampering with the Devil – Did you see where the Cowboys and, in particular Jerry Jones, were being accused by the Eagles of tampering with Terrell Owens. Wouldn't it be great if the league docked the Cowboys a draft pick or two? That way T.O. can be a part of taking down two teams in one year.

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