Tom Coughlin Press Conference: 12-7-05

We did make a roster move. Will Peterson was placed on IR and Terrell Buckley was signed. So that gives us the veteran corner with vast experience, a guy who can learn our system fast, who I have tried to bring up to date in terms of where we are, where our team is at, what we need, etc. ………

Q: What prompted you to make the move now?

A: It was so close to the end of the regular season, and having had an experimental week that didn't work. Will was in great pain the day after. All of the medical tests were done again, and we just felt that he was not able to put any kind of consistency together because of the injury.

Q: Do the doctors think that he will have a full recovery?

A: I wouldn't speculate on any of that.

Q: Did the hot spot fracture?

A: No, it didn't break.

Q: What does Buckley have to offer?

A: He offers a veteran corner with outstanding quickness and speed. He has seen a lot of things and has 50 career interceptions.

Q: Do you expect him to help right away?

A: I think he can help us right away. In a role which is very specific, very identified, I think he could help right away.

Q: Did the struggles of Deloatch and Walker influence your decision?

A: No, not at all. If you remember two weeks ago, there was a potential of going into a game with six DB's. That was not a very good situation for our team to be in.

Q: Do you want him on the field this week; is that your goal?

A: We are going to practice him and see what he looks like and see where we are.

Q: What is the importance of winning on the road to a team that has taken steps forward?

A: Well, the importance right now is to win on the road in the division. And I think it is critical; the reinforcement of being able to do that knowing full well that we have a four-game schedule and three of those four games are on the road. So it is very important.

Q: Given the state of the Eagles right now, how do you sell the team on the Eagles being a tough opponent?

A: This is a tough opponent. Anybody that buys into that – I listen to the same stuff that you do – about the Eagles quitting…they didn't quit, are you kidding me? Against the Green Bay Packers, between special teams and defense they had five takeaways. The other night their defense gave up 194 yards. They are a proud group. I don't have to tell you what they have accomplished over the last four years. We have great respect for their team. We know it will be a very physical game.

Q: How different is this team without Westbrook?

A: He is an outstanding player. He is the leading rusher and their leading receiver. But they have other players that can play. They have introduced Moats, for example, just recently and he has played and performed well. Mahe was not used from scrimmage, but has a 30-yard and a 44-yard punt return. He plays out of the backfield as well.

Q: What happened to them on Monday night – is that kind of the worst case scenario for you guys – it gives them something to fight for; do you think they are down a little?

A: We have to be concerned with our team. Our team, in the situation that we are in, in the division, having an opportunity to go to Philadelphia, as I said, they are still, in my mind the champion of this division until something else is done about it. We are concerned with our team, with improving our team and focusing on our team, getting our team better right now.

Q: What has sparked the improvement on defense?

A: We have played up front very well for any number of weeks now. I think the front seven has exerted great pressure on the opposing quarterback. We stopped the run. The run is the key, and we have done a good job of stopping the run. Being in a position to stop the run, and we have been able to do that. And that has allowed for us to make improvements in other areas in terms of pressuring and coverage. We have done a better job of pattern recognition; we have done a better job of being tighter in coverage. We still have areas that we need, as all teams do, improvement in, but we play hard and we have made things happen. We continue to turn the ball over. We had four turnovers the other day.

Q: You spent a lot of time in the offseason working on the reasons for injuries. You are pretty much injury free this year. Is that because of your approach?

A: Perhaps when I have a chance to look at it, I will go back to the plan that we put into place for training camp and into the regular season and the way we have adjusted our regular season based on our team and coming off different games on different Sundays. But right now we are just trying to be as good as we can be. We play hard and have been fortunate.

Q: Tiki was close to a career-high 30 carries Sunday. That may be a little high for your tastes, but what is your confidence level in Derrick Ward behind him?

A: When he is called upon, Derrick has done well. He continues to be a guy that if Derrick is in the game, we feel good about him.

Q: On the 40-50 yard runs, Tiki comes out…?

A: You saw the ball went right to Derrick when he was in.

Q: He has very little experience, but do you feel he can take some of the load off Tiki?

A: But he has played a lot. He has played on (special) teams all year long. He was utilized on kickoff returns a year ago. He knows what his role is and he has done a good job when called upon.

Q: Will you balance it out a little more down the stretch?

A: Not necessarily. It may be the other way around right now with it being December. You have to run the ball in December.

Q: David Tyree on special teams; he has had so much success. Do you think at some point we might we see him on offense?

A: David is ready to perform in whatever role you want. That is the great thing about him. He takes great pride in special teams. He is an excellent, instinctive teams player. You watch him and every week he is the marked man, he is double-teamed. There is a guy waiting for him down the field. He is still finds a way, and that is the great thing about what he brings to the special teams unit is the confidence that the others have when they know he is in there.

Q: Who do you expect to miss practice today?

A: William Joseph is going to practice. Shaun Williams is going to practice. Antonio Pierce probably will not practice - with a leg bruise. We expect him back tomorrow.

Q: Did the injury occur on the play where he came out?

A: No, I think it happened earlier ……… period. I don't think it was that exact time, no.

Q: Has Tyree had a similar impact to that of Reyna Thompson who played here?

A: I think he has already demonstrated that he does have the impact. When he is playing things happen. You saw him back in the role that I first felt we definitely needed him in a year ago. And that is as the gunner and he and Feagles working together to down the ball. He has had numerous games with three tackles on kickoff coverage. He will go into the wedge; he blocked a punt against Philadelphia the last time we played them which was a big turning point in the game; in the first half, anyway. So he is an impact guy.

Q: He was a Pro Bowl alternate last year. Is he having as good a season, or a better season?

A: He is having a very good year, a very good year.

Q: Walker started at nickel back on Sunday; is the job up for grabs?

A: The dime package. It could be, it could be.

Q: Why did Walker start?

A: because of the week of practice

Q: Is Tiki too good to take out?

A: You want the best players on the field. And that is exactly where we are.

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