Couldn't have happened to a nicer guy

If you weren't happy for Jay Feely Sunday in Philly then you're not human. Feely has been nothing short of a stand-up guy throughout all of his recent kicking troubles. To see him knock through the 36-yard game-winner moments after the Eagles blared his recent misses on their huge stadium video screens was just beautiful.

"I was happy to see him do it," Tom Coughlin said.

"I had all the confidence in the world in Jay," Eli Manning stated.

Special teams assistant coach Mike Priefer called Feely earlier in the week just to let him know that he and everyone else still had confidence in their kicker. Feely said that call and everyone else's support during the last two weeks was more than he could have hoped for.

"For my teammates and my coaches, it's important," he said after a four-for-four afternoon. "And for the media, it's important. You guys can now focus on the rest of our team."

To Feely's credit he refused to display any anger over the Eagles' low-class antics that showed his rough day in Seattle nor the recent Saturday Night Live skit that poked fun at him.

"I didn't see what they were playing," said Feely, who admitted he could hear what was going on.

However, he obviously didn't let it bother him one bit, although the main topic of post-game conversation in the Giants locker room was the Eagles' very questionable decision to air footage of Feely's misses.

"Only in Philly would they show (that)," Barber said

"It's all part of playing on the road in this game," Coughlin added.

Bob Whitfield said he had no problem with the video.

"I would have pulled out tape of every kick he's ever missed," he laughed.

Now that Feely has tasted success once again, Barber feels it'll be smooth sailing for number 2 going forward.

"It was huge for him," Barber said. "Kicking is like golf, it's all about confidence and being able to block out the past mistakes and execute when the time comes. He got up there when the opportunity came and made the kick that won the game for us and we feel great for him."

A game of inches

Coughlin made one of the most foolish coaching decisions in years when he declined an offensive pass interference penalty on Philly TE L.J. Smith right before halftime. Instead of backing the Eagles up to New York's 34-yard line with 25 seconds to play, he declined the penalty stating that he didn't want to give the Eagles "an extra down" and instead allowed David Akers a much more make-able 42-yard field goal that tied the game at 17 going into halftime.

However, as foolish as that call was, one Coughlin made in the third quarter actually paid off. He accepted a holding penalty on Eagles FB Josh Parry instead of taking the result of the play, which was a seven-yard sack by Strahan. Taking the extra few yards instead of leaving the Eagles with a second-and-long instead of a first-and-long seemed unwise at the time. That was until Akers missed a 49-yard field goal that hit the crossbar and bounced away.

Random thoughts…

Michael Strahan is a beast. Year after year, he literally takes apart Jon Runyan, who's an otherwise excellent offensive tackle. Strahan posted a pair of sacks and now has 11.5 on the season.

"There is none," Strahan said, when asked about his rivalry with Runyan. "Add up the sacks and the names. A rivalry is when one guy is really worried about the other." Strahan hasn't had to worry about Runyan in years…

Fred Robbins did a tremendous job once again in place of William Joseph. Here's a guy that started last season, yet played himself all the way down to third on the depth chart in training camp. Now when called upon he's done the job not only against the pass, which he's proven adept at, but vs. the run as well. Robbins, not always known for his all-out effort, has done much more than the Giants could have hoped for during the last month and deserves to stay in the starting lineup…

Jeremy Shockey caught 10 passes against Philly and still wasn't thrilled that he didn't get the ball enough. If only everyone on that Giants offense had Shockey's drive, desire and dedication…

Say what you will about the Eagles, but there's no question they haven't quit at all. They gave full effort all game long against the Giants and wanted to knock first-place New York off in the worst way…

For all intents and purposes, the Giants need to win only their Christmas Eve contest in Washington to wrap up the NFC East. If Big Blue takes care of the Skins, it will clinch their tiebreaker over the Cowboys (better division record since the clubs split their season series), meaning that Dallas would basically have to make up two games in the final three contests. In other words, the Giants could beat only the Skins and go 1-2 down the stretch and still hold off the Boys unless Dallas wins all of its remaining contests, hardly likely considering they have back-to-back road games in Washington and Carolina.

Ring in New Year with Big Blue

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