Giants Injury Update

Well, we've got the hamstrings from the other night – (Fred) Robbins and (Eric) Moore, who are struggling. But, we'll see day to day. (They are) a little better than yesterday but wouldn't be able to practice today. Hopefully, (Reggie) Torbor and (Jeremy) Shockey are improving daily. The outlook is positive to hopefully get them on the practice field, if not Wednesday, then Thursday.

Also, Coughlin stated that Antonio Piece is still in a cast there are no plans to take it off anytime soon.

Q: Can you talk a bit about the pass defense and how you guys struggled a bit on Saturday and, obviously, going against Steve Smith is going to be a tough task and where you guys are on that?

Well, Steve Smith has had a great year. There's no question about it and probably even more when you think that everybody that plays against Carolina has it on there checklist to make sure that they do something about Steve Smith. You know he's had an outstanding year. It's obviously – the other day we gave up passing yardage to some outstanding receivers. Our number one thing is still going to be to stop the run and that's what we'll try to do in our plan here in the next couple of days. That's where we start.

Q: How did the linebackers grade out as a whole the other night?

Well, I thought Nick (Greisen) played well. He played very well. Alonzo (Jackson) did some good things and was in the right spot the majority of the time. Kevin played well. He had two real significant hits early on. He was outmaneuvered on a short pass and I think that was the first or second play of the game and then he got into the flow of the game. And, as I said, he made a couple of outstanding, physical plays out there that rallied the troops.

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