Always looking

The Giants worked out the following players immediately after the season: Former Giants LBs Derek Wake (Penn State) and Joseph Scott (Jackson State), and former Giants G Greg Walker (Clemson), as well as Green Bay FB Greg Hanoian (Syracuse), Green Bay RB Derrick Johnese (Northwestern State), Washington TE David Kashetta (Boston College), Denver WR Luke Triandos (Alabama), Oakland S Keyon Nash (Albany State, Ga.) and Denver LB Markus Steele (USC).

Free agent frenzy

Here is the official list of Giants scheduled to become free agents on March 1.



Final time around?

Jeff Feagles, the NFL record-holder for consecutive games played and career punts, said he hasn't decided if he will return for a 19th season.

"I'm not going to make any decisions publicly until I sit down and talk to Tom and my family and take time to reflect on things," said Feagles, who has never missed a game in his career. "I had a great time this season. I just wish, as we all do, that it could have kept going. But it was a great year."

Playoff Quote

"We go forward. We build on what we've done. As an older player, it's tough to say wait till next year because the opportunities don't come around as often. We don't know if everything is going to click. But we go forward. Eli is going to get better as a quarterback. We know we're going to get guys healthy and play with a full steam of guys as the year goes on next year. But it stinks to have to sit here for six months and wait until our next opportunity." - Giants RB Tiki Barber

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