Practical Joker

When punter Rodney Williams saw the face of RB Tiki Barber on the Giants pocket schedules, he took the opportunity to lighten the mood in the Giants locker room.

According to a source at the Sporting News, punter Rodney Williams taped the mini-schedule to DE Michael Strahan's locker and wrote:

"Maybe if you weren't so greedy, you would be on the schedule."

The note was followed by a forged Tiki Barber signature.

Two months ago Barber ripped Strahan for being greedy and broke the unspoken locker room law by jumping into another player's contract talks.

However, the two have put the issue to rest.

The New York Post reported today that new HBO analyst Cris Carter doesn't believe the Michael Strahan-Tiki Barber controversy will rip the Giants apart.

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