Special Attention to Special Teams

The Giants have been working on overhauling special teams, and everyone will eligible for assignments including regular starters, such as CB Jason Sehorn

Yes, special teams is finally getting the attention it has needed for the last few seasons.

Several reports detail some of the work going on in the special teams unit.

The New York post reported that head coach Jim Fassel spent time in the afternoon session trying to turn Kerry Collins, Jason Sehorn and Ike Hilliard into holders.

The Star-Ledger also wrote about Fassel's special teams creed quoting him as saying "I told the team this morning and I made up my mind a while ago: Everybody on this team will have a special teams assignment. Everybody... No one is excluded."

Fassel added "I'm hell-bent that we're going to play good special teams and win some games on special teams. I don't want it to cost us a game. I want it to win some games."

The players are fine with their new assignments and the fans will certainly enjoy more exciting special teams.

Inside Football also gave their camp and news update today, noting that Shockey's performance was marred by a basic funamental error which twice drew reprimands from the coaches.

Included in that article are other camp observations worth noting on players such as Jeff Hatch, Dan Campbell, and Luke Petitgout

And finally, Giants.com gives their official camp update

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