Strahan, Giants to continue talks?

Can Strahan continue his career in New York beyond this upcoming season? The 2002 season represents the final year remaining on his contract

Will there be a happy ending between the Giants and Michael Strahan after all? Stay tuned.

While there is some legitimate bad blood between the Giants and the 2001 NFL Defensive Player of the Year, all hope is not lost that Strahan can continue his career in New York beyond this upcoming season, which is the final year remaining on his contract.

Strahan's agent, Tony Agnone, is expected to contact Giants GM Ernie Accorsi about re-opening negotiations.

Strahan turned down the Giants previous offer before March 1 because he didn't like the way the deal was structured and then was bothered because the Giants were unwilling to negotiate and immediately took the deal off the table.

However, Agnone is expected to try to make peace and talk turkey within the next couple weeks. As for the rumors that the Giants were planning to release Strahan to create additional cap space, they were totally false. According to several front office sources the Giants never even considered releasing Strahan. It was never even discussed.

"That's absurd," one source said. "Why would we get rid of our best defensive player and have nothing to show for it? Plus, what would we do with all that cap money anyway? There's no one to use it on now."

The rumors were so prominent and persistent that even Strahan got wind of them.

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