Cap Business and Next Moves

Following the Holmes and Parker moves, the Giants freed up close to $3 million under the cap. However, most of it is already accounted for.

Big Blue will need more than $1.5 million to sign their seven draft picks.

Also, they'll need close to $1 million before opening night. By the final cut-down date right before the season, the Giants will have their cap counting 53 players instead of the current 51.

That will cost Big Blue between $450,000 and $500,000. Also they'll have to pay for their five-man practice squad, which will run anywhere from $400,000 to $500,000.

See, that $3 million sure goes quick, huh? In all actuality, the Giants have only approximately a half-million dollars to spend right now.

Next move...

So, what will the Giants do with the extra loot? Hold onto it with all their might. They don't want to use the extra cash unless it's an emergency.

The Giants plan to handle any upcoming signings by releasing players currently on the roster. In other words, once they officially come to terms with free agent and former Giants DT Christian Peter, which may be soon, they'll release Kevin Lewis and/or Clayton White.

One thing is certain: Despite reports to the contrary, the Giants have absolutely no interest in free agent OT John Fina.

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