DE Michael Strahan acknowledged in a long conversation with reporters that he had not forgiven RB Tiki Barber for his comments about Strahan's contract talks.

After three months, DE Michael Strahan is still stewing about comments made my teammate Tiki Barber on Strahan's contract negotiations.

Strahan's contract is scheduled to expire after the coming season, and negotiations for a contract extension broke down late in February.

After the negotiations collapsed, Strahan spoke with frustration about what had happened, and questioned the Giants respect for him and committment to winning.

Barber then made comments to the The New York Post hinting that Strahan was greedy, and should trust the Giants, who offered to pay Strahan's signing bonus over a two year period.

Shortly after the verbal mele Coach Jim Fassel held meetings with each of the players and tell them to cool off.

Both players had agreed, until yesterday.

After the Giants' last passing camp practice, Strahan talked at length about the situation with reporters.

Several reports quoted Strahan as saying "I'm not a selfish person, and to watch somebody do me bad, do me wrong... personally, I can't forgive you for that. Especially if I've never done anything to you, and I've been good to you, and I respect you. I don't care to have it amended. I'm not going to sit here and say that I care to be his friend. I have absolutely nothing to say to him."

Barber responded to Strahan's comments by saying "...that's in the past, and there's much more important things for me to worry about...getting ready for the season, getting some of these young guys ready for the season, not to mention the fact that I have a baby on the way."

The Giants regroup when training camp starts July 24th in Albany. Hopefully both players will let this topic rest and focus on preparing for the coming season.

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