Stadium staff and police prepare for attack

On Tuesday, Giants Stadium did some disaster planning to prepare for the possibility of a terrorist attack. During the drill stadium staff, law enforcement, and emergency services personnel responded as if an actual emergency had occurred.

In a special article for the Bergen County Record, Eileen Markey wrote about the emergency drill performed Tuesday at Giants Stadium.

According to Markey, the drill was designed to prepare stadium staff and police for a terrorist attack.

The drill used a concert scenario where a biological agent is released into the stadium before a rock concert, staff members are dead, concertgoers are waiting at the ticket counters.

During the emergency drill, local police, the FBI, a bomb squad, and ambulances massed in parking lots. Helicopters hovered above the football field to get photographs.

While the stadium does emergency plans and dry runs of emergency situations, this was the first time the FBI was included in the planning effort.

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