Have the Giants done enough this offseason?

Paul Schwartz: By enough, do you mean have they added every Pro Bowl player on the market to ensure a Super Bowl? Of course not. The Giants knew this would not be a blockbuster offseason, regardless of what the salary cap figure was going to be. You can't spend like demons every year and the Giants opened up the vault last year to land Antonio Pierce, Plaxico Burress, Kareem McKenzie and Jay Feely.

This was always going to be more of a cautious approach and that's exactly what transpired. It sure seemed like the Giants went out and signed every defensive back that could walk, didn't it? I'm not going to swear that this is a great crop and that Ernie Accorsi brought in great players at bargain rates. But tell me this: Is Sam Madison an upgrade over Will Allen? Is Will Demps an upgrade over Brent Alexander? Case closed. With Madison, Demps and R.W. McQuarters the Giants got better in the secondary, not by leaps but certainly by several steps. And don't dismiss locking up David Tyree with a five-year contract, which is the sort of subtle move that you, Kenny, probably can't appreciate, given your narrow-minded insistence that the Giants need to make a big splash and sign marquee names. Like Keyshawn Johnson, for instance. Just what the Giants needed, a big, not fast possession receiver who is liable to blow his stack when he isn't thrown the damn ball. Look, Kenny, I know you probably failed Chemistry in high school but even you have to realize that Keyshawn would have been a combustible element not needed in the Giants locker room. Sure, an impact linebacker is needed, but don't forget, the NFL Draft awaits. The Giants got better. Admit it.

Ken Palmer: Can't argue that they didn't get better – because they did – but let's get one thing straight right away: no one's certain that any of the newly-signed DBs can walk, let alone cover and run. Madison's likely on the downside of a Pro Bowl career and Demps is coming off knee surgery. Don't get me wrong, I love both moves, but this team needed one more big move to make this offseason a smashing success. How about a playmaking linebacker? LaVar Arrington is the missing piece that would make this defense complete. Of course the Giants players will tell you that they don't need Arrington, that they already have enough in their own locker room. Only gullible Paul would fall for that talk. What do you expect them to say? We have a great MLB coming off surgery and two guys on the flanks that are big question marks? This team needs an Arrington on defense. He'd change a very good defense to a potentially dominant unit. Speaking of playmaking linebackers, I'm very surprised that Ernie Accorsi didn't at least look into Julian Peterson, who way out-priced himself from the Giants' range. And Keyshawn to bolster the receiving corps? Why the heck not? Another proven dependable receiver? If you could get him cheap enough, which the Panthers did, the Giants definitely should have added him to the fold.

PS: You know what, our debate just might be moot. The Giants probably have lost ground in the NFC East, which at the moment has to be one of, if not the, best division in the league. The Redskins have gone about their requisite signing frenzy and this time they look to have gotten it right. The Eagles haven't been busy but I'm not ready to discount them as a contender. And get a load of the Cowboys. You have to figure Bill Parcells will find a way to co-exist for one season with nut-job Terrell Owens, who will probably throw some heavy glares at Drew Bledsoe but will also be an absolute terror to deal with for every opponent. It sure looks as if the ‘Boys are loading up for a big run in what probably is Parcells' last year. They've added a big-time kicker in Mike Vanderjagt, who will be great in the regular season before unraveling in the playoffs like he did last season. Still, he'll win games for Dallas. Adding linebacker Akin Ayodele and guard Kyle Kosier are also solid moves. When all those preseason prognostications come out I'm betting that the majority have the Cowboys pegged as the team to beat in the division.

KP: Wrong again, my friend. The Redskins are going to be pegged as the NFC East's top dog. All they've done is continue to make a solid team that advanced far into the playoffs much better. The Skins signed, among others, receivers Antwaan Randle El, Brandon Lloyd and tight end Christian Fauria, not to mention defensive standouts such as DE Andre Carter and S Adam Archuleta. They're going to be the trendy pick, and justifiably so. The Cowboys, no doubt, are better, but TO will serve to be more of a detriment than an asset in Big D. And we can hardly forget about the Eagles as long as Donovan McNabb is running the show. How easy it is to forget about the Giants, the defending division champs. Don't be surprised to see Big Blue picked as low as third and even fourth in some pubs. Will it be deserved or a slight? Only time will tell. But one thing is for sure – if they had Arrington in the fold, no one would even think for a second about picking them in the bottom half.

PS: Before you know it, Mr. Palmer, we'll be standing out in the hot sun in beautiful Albany watching the Giants in training camp. It sure will be nice to get back to the state capital, which should be re-named City of Champions, given the way my Albany Great Danes hoops team soared to the America East crown and then gave UConn all it could handle for 30 minutes in the NCAA Tournament. Bleed purple, baby. There's room on the bandwagon so come on aboard. Time flies, and once we leave Albany in our rear view mirrors the real season is upon us, which means the first Manning Bowl, with the Giants and Colts squaring off in a Sunday night extravaganza and Eli going against Peyton for the first time. This is not a good thing for the Giants or for Eli. Getting Peyton and Marvin Harrison in the opener is not exactly the way you want to break in a brand-new secondary. As for Eli, he'd be better off facing a weak team, better off not having such a personal duel in the first game. Sometimes it's better to get a difficult assignment out of the way as soon as possible, but not in this case.

KP: Once again, Paul, you've proven that you're out of your mind … "City of Champions" … "beautiful Albany" … "Bleed purple" … I'm quite content riding my Orange Bowl Championship bandwagon, which carried with it a number three national football ranking for Penn State, thank you very much. As for the opener, you're way off base here as well. Eli Manning is entering his third season. He needs to be able to handle whatever the league throws at him. He's coming off the worst athletic performance in sports history since you struck out in kickball to lose your third grade championship. You think Ben Roethlisberger needs to be coddled or protected from a tough opening game? Please. As a third-year player, Manning can no longer be looked upon as a young player that's gaining experience. To borrow one of Paul's favorite clichés, it's now time for Manning to put up or shut up. He'll be ready to answer the bell.

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