Can Giants find a blue chipper at number 25?

With the Giants holding the 25th overall pick for only the second time in franchise history, TGI decided to take a look back at the previous 24 drafts to see what kind of players were unearthed at that spot.

While there were definitely some notable players, for the most part, the league has not produced all that many stars from that position. Among the most notable were Cincinnati's Dave Rimington, a center who was taken out of Nebraska in 1983, Dexter Carter, a running back drafted out of Florida State by the 49ers in 1990, DT Ted Washington, another San Fran pick a year later out of Louisville, and former Giants QB Tommy Maddox, who was drafted out of UCLA by the Broncos in 1992.

Rimington, the only two-time winner of the Outland Trophy signifying the nation's top lineman, had injuries basically cut short what would have surely been a promising career. Carter averaged more than 400 yards and 24 catches in his first two years with the Niners.

Washington, entering his 16th season and first in Cleveland, has played more than 200 games and posted close to 700 tackles in a standout career. Maddox just recently captured his first championship as Pittsburgh's backup to Ben Roethlisberger.

O.J. McDuffie led the league with 90 receptions in 1998 for the Dolphins, five years after he was picked 25th out of Penn State.

In the past 10 years, another handful of players has made names for themselves after being picked 25th overall.

The Eagles landed a pair of contributors – guard Jermane Mayberry out of Texas A&M-Kingsville in 1996 and UCLA WR Freddie Mitchell in 2001. The Jags picked S Donovin Darius out of Syracuse in 1998 and two years later, the Vikings tabbed Boston College DT Chris Hovan.

Last year's 25th overall pick was Jason Campbell, a quarterback out of Auburn that is currently in the mix for the Redskins starting job this season.

As for the Giants, their only previous foray into drafting 25th came just three years ago when they selected DT William Joseph out of Miami. The jury is still out on Joseph, who is clearly coming off the best year of his brief career.

Twice Big Blue has selected 24th overall. In 1994, Big Blue posted one of its biggest draft busts when the Giants selected Indiana receiver Thomas Lewis. They had much better success the second time around in 1998, when they tabbed UCLA safety Shaun Williams, who was with the club until this past offseason.

Big Blue also had mixed success in its two opportunities with the 28th overall pick. In 1987, they landed productive receiver Mark Ingram out of Michigan State. Four years later, they picked former bust/current actor FB Jarrod Bunch out of Michigan.

So, as you can see, it's hardly a given that New York's top pick in the coming draft will be anyone worth remembering. However, there's always that chance. Just ask the seven teams that have employed Washington.

82 Dallas, Rod Hill, DB, Kentucky State

83 Cincinnati, Dave Rimington, C, Nebraska

84 Dallas, Billy Cannon, LB, Texas A&M

85 Cincinnati, Emanuel King, LB, Alabama

86 Tampa Bay, Roderick Jones, CB, SMU

87 San Francisco, Terrence Flagler, RB, Clemson

88 Raiders, Scott Davis, DT, Illinois

89 Miami, Louis Oliver, DB, Florida

90 San Francisco, Dexter Carter, RB, Florida State

91 San Francisco, Ted Washington, NT, Louisville

92 Denver, Tommy Maddox, QB, UCLA

93 Miami, O.J McDuffie, WR, Penn State

94 Kansas City, Greg Hill, RB, Texas A&M

95 Miami, Billy Milner, OT, Houston

96 Philadelphia, Jermane Mayberry, G, Texas A&M-Kingsville

97 Philadelphia, Jon Harris, DE, Virginia

98 Jacksonville, Donovin Darius, S, Syracuse

99 Green Bay, Antuan Edwards, S, Clemson

00 Minnesota, Chris Hovan, DT, Boston College

01 Philadelphia, Freddie Mitchell, WR, UCLA

02 New Orleans, Charles Grant, DE, Georgia

03 GIANTS, William Joseph, DT Miami

04 Green Bay, Ahmad Carroll, CB, Arkansas

05 Washington, Jason Campbell, QB, Auburn

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