TGI's take

While it's such a crapshoot with the Giants picking so low in the opening round, TGI takes a stab at two players who could become Giants during tomorrow's draft.

DT Claude Wroten LSU 6'2 300 5.10

Claude is a very good athlete with all the physical tools you could ask for in a DT, except for height, but he needs to play with leverage more consistently to play up to it. His very quick feet combine with his instincts to help him burst off the ball right at the snap consistently. His quick feet and agility help him to plant a foot, change directions and burst in the other direction to finish plays he gets close to. He accelerates to full speed fast and has the playing speed to chase down plays from behind. He has the natural flexibility to play low and with leverage at the POA, but he does not stay focused and do it consistently – Too often he stands up at the snap before bursting forward to attack the OL. Overall, I think Claude is going to be a good starting DT in the NFL who can do a good job as the under-tackle in a 43 defense or as a DE in a 34 defense. He will be a 3rd or 4th round draft pick.

RB Laurence Maroney Minnesota 6'0 220 4.45

Lawrence is a very good athlete which has helped him be extremely productive during his career at Minnesota. He has the very quick feet to make sharp cuts - He can avoid tackles in the backside, makes sharp cut to burst quickly thru hole and can bounce runs outside when the middle is clogged up. However, he lacks an explosive burst thru the hole and lacks top end playing speed - Gets caught from behind once behind the defense. Despite athleticism, he is not an elusive, make-you-miss runner. He has good natural flexibility to bend knees, lower shoulders and deliver a blow to tackler, but does not consistently run with good body lean - Runs with good lean only when he runs aggressively. He shows athletic versatility by lining up out at receiver and has the hands and coordination to catch the ball consistently well out of the backfield. Overall, Maroney has the physical ability to be a very good starting running back in the NFL if he runs aggressively on every snap. He will be chosen in the 1st round.

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