Tom Coughlin after picking Mathias Kiwanuka

We're excited about this pick. It's truly a valuable pick at this point. Picking 32nd, you know we traded down and got extra picks. We had a group of players that we really liked and from that group, without a doubt, he's the highest rated player and we're excited because of 11.5, 11.5 and 9.5. Those were his sacks over the last 3 years. Everyone was aware of the fact that this year he was injured for a little bit.

But you're talking about a quality, quality football player. A quality young man, a two-time captain who played and performed well in the first year that Boston College was in the ACC. The ability to put pressure on the quarterback is a paramount need on any football team. We just felt that this particular individual was very good at that and with the combination of the players that we have, this will again allow us to continue to fortify our defense.

Q: Ernie said he wouldn't have made this pick if he didn't think he would see the field right away. How is that possible?

A: Scheme-wise we can arrange that. And we'll work on that at this point. I think right away, when you have a young man with this kind of talent, you're talking about all the second-and-long, third-and-long situations that are presented in our game. The personnel combinations that we might be able to utilize to create some problems with the defenses…I like of those options going forward.

Q: He is a defensive end?

A:  He can play standing up but I think he's a pass rusher. He's better in that role and I think that is the spot we will start with.

Q: What did you see on the tape and in his workouts that will translate to him playing on the NFL level?

A: 11.5, 11.5 and 9.5. The kid can rush the passer. He's smart, he's aware. He has a great sense and feel for the game even though he's relatively new to the game, so we think it's all in front of him as well.

Q: Waiting after trading down, is there any part of you that says, let's just make this pick?

A:  We had lengthy discussions as we saw this thing taking place and in each of those discussions every aspect of trading down or remaining where we are was discussed. So we felt thoroughly confident in going over all the options. We had players that were available that we really liked in a section there in our minds and on the board and we thought that by picking up extra picks, we'd help ourselves down the road. Give ourselves some flexibility, who knows how we might use them but give ourselves some flexibility and still have a player of very high quality that could help our team.

Q: If you didn't make the trade would you have picked this guy at 25?

A: I think that Ernie answered that question before, didn't he? As I said, he was very highly rated on our board and in all likelihood could have been our pick right there as well.

Q: Do you think you had him rated a little higher than most other teams?

A: I don't think so. We didn't think so at all. We did a very thorough analysis. We had a large number of people evaluate him. Our scouting staff. Our coaches. The young man had very, very high grades. We discussed in our meetings each individual as we do every year, we put a final grade on him and after discussing and reading the player and talking about it with all the people in the room, the grade was a very high grade and we felt good about it.

Q: Does this pick affect Justin Tuck at all?

A: No I don't think so. Tuck is one more solid, solid young football player that we are excited about. Tuck has the ability as we saw a year ago to play on the outside and the inside.

Q: Is it a little surprising that you took a pass rushing defensive end when you already have two Pro Bowlers at the position?

A: No, because again the statement being that this player represents the highest rated player on the board at the time we made the pick. He is a solid defensive player. You can never have too many pass rushers. Again we've fortified our defense. It may not have been a specific need as pinpointed prior to, but this is a guy who will pay huge dividends.

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