Jerry Reese addresses the draft.

Giants director of player personnel Jerry Reese spoke to TGI about the draft picks the Giants made in the draft. TGI also covers some of the Giants' hits and misses at the positions in which they drafted this year.

Mathias Kiwanuka

    Reese's Read

    "We got another pass rusher; you can never have enough pass rushers. He plays hard, he is smart. It is all in front of him. When this guy gets stronger he is going to be a really, really good player." – Giants director of player personnel Jerry Reese

    Where he fits in

    Right off the bat, it remains to be seen, as the Giants are loaded at defensive end. However, everyone says they'll be able to get Kiwanuka plenty of snaps. He's likely to start behind Michael Strahan at left end and take some playing time away from last year's third-round pick Justin Tuck.

    DE Hits/Misses last 10 years


    Osi Umenyiora, 2nd round, 2003

    Justin Tuck, 3rd round, 2005


    Cedric Jones, 1st round, 1996

    Cedric Scott, 4th round, 2001

    Jeremiah Parker, 7th round, 2000

    Sinorice Moss

    Reese's Read

    "He has to be a guy that can take a short pass or a reverse and make a big play out of it. You would love for him to be taller, but he is not. He is a fast, explosive receiver that we feel can make some big plays for us." – Giants director of player personnel Jerry Reese

    Where he fits in

    There's no doubt that Moss already has the inside track on being New York's slot receiver. They didn't trade up in the second round to let this guy stand on the sideline. He's already blown past Tim Carter on the depth chart and will be utilized as the third receiver.

    WR Hits/Misses last 10 years


    Amani Toomer, 2nd round, 1996

    Ike Hilliard, 1st round, 1997

    Joe Jurevicius, 2nd round, 1998


    Brian Alford, 3rd round, 1998

    Ron Dixon, 3rd round, 2000

    Tim Carter, 2nd round, 2002

    Gerris Wilkinson 

    Reese's Read

    "He was attractive to us because he is very smart, he has size and speed, he can play all three positions and actually he can play four positions. He has played defensive end. So we feel he is a very valuable pick for us, because he is versatile and he can play on special teams. We are delighted to have him." – Giants director of player personnel Jerry Reese

    Where he fits in

    He's going to need to contribute right away on special teams, but it's not far-fetched that Wilkinson, who will start his career on the weak side, could bypass Reggie Torbor and be the first LB off the bench. They think that highly of his ability.

    LB Hits/Misses last 10 years


    Dhani Jones, 6th round, 2000

    Ryan Philips, 3rd round, 1997

    Nick Greisen, 5th round, 2002


    Pete Monty, 4th round, 1997

    Wes Mallard, 6th round, 2002

    Doug Colman, 6th round, 1996

    Barry Cofield

    Reese's Read

    "Big, strong, hard working guy inside. We feel we got a guy that frees up those linebackers and takes some double teams up in there, puts a little pressure up the middle." – Giants director of player personnel Jerry Reese

    Where he fits in

    Cofield will be thrown into the mix at nose tackle and probably has as good a chance as anyone to emerge as the starter.

    DT Hits/Misses last 10 years


    Cornelius Griffin, 2nd round, 2000

    William Joseph, 1st round, 2003


    Matt Keneley, 7th round, 1997

    Ross Kolodziej, 7th round, 2001

    Guy Whimper

    Reese's Read

    "He just out-athletes everybody right now. He is big, he has long arms, he is fast. We just feel like after he learns the position and gets stronger, we feel like he is going to be a steal at left tackle for us in a year or so." – Giants director of player personnel Jerry Reese

    Where he fits in

    The Giants threw him right into the mix at left tackle and hope he can supplant Luke Petitgout as early as next season.

    OT Hits/Misses last 10 years


    Roman Oben, 3rd round, 1996

    Luke Petitgout, 1st round, 1999


    Jeff Hatch, 3rd round, 2002

    Toby Myles, 5th round, 1998

    Mike Rosenthal, 5th round, 1999

    Charlie Peprah

    Reese's Read

    "The thing we like about Charlie Peprah is he has corner skills playing safety. He can do a lot for us. He can play on special teams, can give you coverage at safety and is a good tackler." – Giants director of player personnel

    Where he fits in

    Nowhere yet, but he has a chance to shine in camp and play himself into the mix at free safety or as a sub corner. His versatility is a big plus.

    S Hits/Misses last 10 years


    Shaun Williams, 1st round, 1998

    Sam Garnes, 5th round, 1997

    Gibril Wilson, 5th round, 2004


    Lyle West, 6th round, 1999

    Charles Drake, 7th round, 2003

    Gerrick McPhearson

    Reese's Read

    "Gerrick has good size and speed. He has some good skills and he has played against good competition. We project him as a cover cornerback." – Giants director of player personnel Jerry Reese

    Where he fits in

    McPhearson is going to have to make this club on special teams, but there's no question the Giants aren't exactly thrilled with their corner depth.

    CB Hits/Misses last 10 years


    Will Peterson, 3rd round, 2001

    Will Allen, 1st round, 2001

    Conrad Hamilton, 7th round, 1996


    Rod Babers, 4th round, 2003

    Andre Weathers, 6th round, 1999

    Frank Walker, 6th round, 2003

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