Coughlin: LaVar will fit in just fine

Tom Coughlin met the media after Thursday morning's minicamp workout. Q: You had mentioned yesterday when we asked about the injuries that James Butler has a kidney condition. Is that a serious thing or something that is going to keep him out awhile?

A: No, I don't think so. He won't work in this camp, but he should be ready for training camp.

Q: How much will Arrington be affected by his injuries and what have you seen?

A: I have seen all good things. He will work this afternoon. I said he would work once a day. If he felt better, he would work twice. That is not the case, so he will work this afternoon.

Q: Are you concerned at all about that?

A: No, no more than I am concerned about any time a guy missed practice for whatever reason. Just to get it managed, if you will, and make sure it doesn't shut you down in training camp. Q: You have him, obviously, on the strong side now and Emmons on the weak side, which is at least different from the names of their positions from past years. Are their responsibilities still the same as what they have done in years before?

A: Well, it depends on who you are talking about. They have both been SAMs and they have both been WILs. This is where we think, LaVar, in this defense, can be the biggest factor. I have been real impressed watching Carlos work off the ball. So I think it is going to work out.

Q: What about LaVar makes him fitted to the SAM in this defense?

A: Well, I think he is powerful over the tight end. I think, just as in all cases, whether he was a SAM or a WILL, I think he will be very challenging for a back to try to have to block. Hopefully in conjunction with either lining up next to Strahan or lining up next to Osi, it is going to give you some thoughts about how the protection ought to go on that side. So those are all things that will be considered.

Re: Robbins and Seawright and not William Joseph currently lining up with the first team defense A: It is just a camp. These guys have been working and they will continue to work and we will see. Hopefully we will find that we have three or four guys that can play in there. Q: Do you feel like it is more important for a guy like William who plays on the line to be here in the offseason to learn rather than these skill position guys…. A: I think it is important that they are all here.

Q: What is Rob Johnson's schedule; can he throw?

A: He has no limitations.

Q: He has no limitations?

A: No.

Q: It doesn't seem like he is throwing – it seems like he is not in the mix as much as the other guys right now.

A: Well, you have five guys playing a four-man rotation. So I'm sure it appears that way. But that is just a part of trying to juggle this thing around and make sure everybody gets a good look and they all get individual time. Whenever we go one-on-one, they all get the same amount. It is just in the snaps we have to kind of find a way to get everybody the work without, obviously, taking away from Eli or the competitiveness of number two. Q: Do you expect to carry all five into training camp? A: We'll see. Q: One of the dilemmas here over the last couple of years is trying to lessen the load for Tiki. But you really can't because of what he does production-wise. Is this the year where one of the young guys takes some of the load off Tiki? A: First of all, let me address the first statement. I don't think it is a dilemma at all. It is absolutely no factor, whatsoever, for me in the way that he has played. You would like to be able to utilize the talent of all the guys that you have. We have been able to do that to a certain extent, perhaps not as much as you would like to. But nevertheless, over the course of 16 games, normally it works out pretty good. But it has not been a dilemma. We would like to take advantage of everyone's talent, but the way Tiki has been playing and the situations and circumstances that arise – there really is, when you look at it, you would be shocked at the number, after 16 games, of short-yardage plays and goal-line plays that you actually have through the course of the season. There are not many. There are not many. So that alone won't give you the kind of balance you are thinking of, I'm sure. Q: Getting back to the younger guys, about them stepping up and…. A: Well, they all have to do that, first and foremost, because it is important for their careers. It is important for their careers and competition is good any time, anywhere, at any position. And that is one of the good things that I see in this camp is that there is competition at a lot of spots. We have more linebackers, for example, than we have had. Q: How much more prepared do you think Brandon Jacobs would be for an increased role should you decide to give it to him? A: I think he has worked hard in this offseason. He has studied and he is constantly being challenged out here now with his protections and pickups and all of that stuff. He is obviously, because of the fact that he has been here a year and an offseason now, he is much more advanced than he was a year ago.

Q: How would you rate Corey Webster's rookie year?

A: To me he was a rookie; he was up and down. He had some good, outstanding performances and some that weren't so. He had a little injury and then when he came out of that he didn't seem to be playing as well and then he got a little bit better. So, I think probably the best thing to say was that the talent was there. I think the extent of the season and the injury caused some ups and downs, some inconsistency in his performance. Hopefully that will be behind him.

Q: What did you think of Jeremy's eye? Did you ask him how it happened?

A: I didn't ask him, but the coaches asked him about it. His response was that he actually hurt it while he was working out.

Q: Was that a good answer for you?

A: Yeah, he told one of his coaches that is what happened. Why should I challenge that?

Q: How many black eyes have you had ….? What are they doing down in Miami? Q: What you are saying is that there will be no formal investigation. A: No. No, there won't. Q: How does Burress look to you? A: Any time you are involved in the passing game and we really don't have a whole lot of snaps underway yet, the opportunities for the ball to go to any one individual are not great. He is here; he is working hard. The whole idea is to communicate better and be on the same page. And that is what the intent of the OTAs were and the intent of the mini-camp, etc. So, obviously we have probably got a ways to go there.

Q: The way the last season ended, is there an emphasis on him here to step up and be a little bit more of a leader?

A: Well I don't know about that. I think everybody has to participate in that. I think if you are talking about the way the season ended, we have an awful lot of things to step up for and improve on. He is no different than anybody else in that regard.

Q: How do you expect the arrangement with Jeff Feagles to work this year with his travel schedule and having the time off…?

A: It is not going to be an issue, I don't think.

Q: I understand that. But how will it work…. What kind of guidelines will you set up? When does he have to be here?

A: It is not going to be an issue. He is here. He has moved to New Jersey.

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