No apologies from Plax

Months have passed since a frustrated Plaxico Burress skipped the Giants' season-ending meeting the day after the Carolina playoff debacle. Coach Tom Coughlin and Burress have spoken, both choosing to keep the contents of the exchange to themselves. Eli Manning said that he and Burress have not even spoken about the matter, nor did he think it was necessary.

For the first time since the missed meeting, Burress spoke publicly about the issue, and he didn't seem the least bit apologetic.

"We all express ourselves differently," Burress said. "I don't feel I have to explain myself to anyone … I don't regret my decision."

Burress, who was clearly angered during and after the Carolina contest due to his lack of involvement in the game plan, said he wasn't the only player upset with the result – he just allowed his frustration to get the best of him.

"It wasn't a protest about anything," he said.

Burress also took the opportunity to clear the air and confirm that there is no friction whatsoever between he and Manning.

"I wasn't frustrated with him," he said. "I can't get better without him."

Fellow receiver Amani Toomer, who said it was "shocking" that Burress skipped the season-ending session, was asked whether or not he felt he should have said something to New York's other starting receiver.

"That's not my place," he said. "He's his own man and does his own thing."

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