On the line – Flaherty discusses OL

Most importantly, TGI is pleased to report that Giants offensive line coach Pat Flaherty says he feels better than ever. And he looks it too. Flaherty recently took some time out with TGI and shared his thoughts on the following topics.

On Luke Petitgout and the line's penalty problems: When you have a season like we had with all the penalties, you have to come back and correct them. We're looking in the past only to correct the mistakes. Part of it is the player and part of it is coaching. It was an embarrassing situation for all of us. We have to get through that and keep moving forward. We expect him to have that corrected and move on.

On Luke's overall performance: Luke's a quality left tackle in the NFL. There are a lot of quality defensive ends that are getting paid money to rush the passer. That's what you're going to face every week, and he's accepted that as a challenge. The guys he's going to be playing against are going to be looking to better their technique so he has to work extra hard to do the same.

On importance of returning the same five starters: It's important. We have guys that have now played together for two years. We have guys that are starting games together and are finishing games together. We don't have to go back to square one. We can continue to build off what we have already done. I expect this group to be a lot better. Not just better, but a lot better, in 2006.

On Guy Whimper: He's a rookie. It's a whole new system from college, and he understands that. He's been watching lots of tape. From an athletic standpoint, we see what we thought we saw. He is an athletic person. He brings to the table a good work ethic. I think he'll be fine given time.

On Jai Lewis: We really won't know how well he can do until we get into the preseason and he puts the pads on. Obviously he's still in a learning stage as an offensive lineman from a lot of different angles. He still has to go through that transition period. We talk to him every day. I'm sure he's had his peaks and his valleys. It'll be interesting to see how he holds up when it's a lot hotter out and he has on 25 pounds of equipment. We like his attitude and his daily approach.

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