OL Coachspeak Part II

On comfort level of returning same line: You're excited from a standpoint that you have a group that enjoys playing together as much as they do. They enjoy coming to work day-in and day-out.

That's what I see – a bunch of guys coming into the room and ready to work every day. They want to improve as much as possible. And the experience factor of them playing together as much as they have is beneficial to us. That will help us out in the long run. As we continue to play together and start together every week, that should only get better. We had a good year in 2005; we want to be better in 2006.

On the perceived lack of superstars on the OL: I really do think we have some superstars here. I really like this group of guys. In our mind, they're the best group. I honestly believe this line can be as good as any group in the NFL. But they have to prove it. As an offensive line you can't prove it as an individual; you have to prove it as a group. You have to work together and be outstanding. In my mind, I see a group that really can be as good as they want to be. Maybe some of those guys are superstars. I don't agree that there are no Pro Bowlers on this line. They did as good a job as anybody. There was only a difference of a couple of yards between our running back and Seattle's running back last season. I'll put our line up against anybody's.

On Luke's back: I think it's resolved. A lot of us are going to have to deal with stuff like that in this occupation. It looks like they've found the problem and have worked really hard to rectify it and rehab it. He really looks stronger to me. Every year I've been around him he looks in better shape and stronger. He's not as heavy, and that's ok, as long as he's always in better shape.

On Kareem McKenzie beginning his second year with the Giants: There's no question he's going to be better. With Kareem being in the second year of the system, the potential that that man has has me really excited about what he can accomplish in 2006. I think a guy like that is going to really help us improve this season.

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