TGI's Training Camp Tip Sheet

Can you believe it's training camp time already? It hardly seems like it's been more than six months since Eli Manning was firing passes into the hands of Carolina defenders with frightening regularity. But yet here were are – back at Albany where hope always springs eternal, especially when you're the defending NFC East champs.

Here is TGI's tip sheet of the top dozen categories to keep a close watch on during camp and this season.

Don't be surprised if

Eli Manning has the same type of season he did in '05 – Everyone's saying that this is make or break for Manning, that he must either take the next step up toward becoming a superstar or risk being left behind. Why exactly is that the case? Manning very well may go through another season of having some solid games followed by mediocre or poor performances. Yes, he now has more film and tape on opposing defenses, but the same can be said in the other direction – opposing coordinators have had more time to try to figure Manning out. I guess, in a nutshell, don't buy into this being the be-all or end-all season for Manning. You may just see another division title followed by a terrible playoff performance.

Sinorice Moss is that good – Every so often drafted players can and do live up to the ridiculous amount of hype that is thrust upon them. Of course Moss isn't as good as his brother, but he gives the Giants an opportunity to fill an offensive void that's been there for years. If he can make something out of nothing even a handful of times a game that could serve to be all the difference. Remember, this was the league's third-highest scoring offense last year and all 11 starters return. Moss' addition could be huge and put this unit over the top.

LaVar Arrington takes over the defense – In Washington teammates were jealous of Arrington and coaches tried to keep him from overshadowing the system. In New York, it's going to be just the opposite. Everyone from the security guards on down wants to see Arrington succeed – and in a big way. A super year for number 55 almost certainly guarantees that those around him are cleaning up as well. This looks like a match made in NFL heaven.

Tim Lewis is back next year – Every year we write that it'll be Lewis' last year in New York and every year he's back. This isn't to wish bad on Lewis – who's a great coordinator and an even better person – just to say that his window may have already closed. There were 10 openings after last season and he got four interviews and never really got close to landing a head-coaching job. And that was coming off a playoff season. What's to say even if the defense shines brightly this year that anyone will actually take Lewis more seriously this time around? For his sake, we hope they do. For the Giants sake, we'd rather he stick around.

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