TGI's Training Camp Tip Sheet 3

Here is TGI's Training Camp Tip Sheet 3. In this installment, we look at players that must stay healthy. We also take a look at some players we think will go to Hawaii, as well as new faces and some storylines in the background of the Giants organization.

Must Stay Healthy

Jeremy Shockey – The Giants offense needs Shockey. It's so obvious when he's out of the lineup or limited by injuries. He usually plays through ailments even the medical staff doesn't know about. The Giants need Shockey as close to 100 percent as much as possible.

Antonio Pierce – Likewise on defense, where the entire unit basically fell apart without Pierce. He's the glue that holds everything together. Fortunately he's back to full health.

Plaxico Burress – Pouting or not, Burress' presence allows the offense to do so many different things, whether the pass is thrown to him or not. They need him on the field at all times or they'll lose a dimension real quickly.

Tiki Barber – We know we have to put him on this list but does anyone in their right mind think Barber's not going to play all 16 games, and average more than 100 yards per contest? Didn't think so.

Headed to Hawaii

LaVar Arrington – He's going to have the breakout year everyone's expecting. It's not just hype or wishful thinking. LaVar is headed back to stardom – with a few stops in Honolulu along the way.

Chris Snee – He caught enough opponents' eyes last year that if he even comes close to duplicating the same type of season – which he likely will – he'll be bringing his father-in-law/coach to the islands next February. Give the Giants credit for having the guts to draft Snee.

Tiki Barber – Of course he's going back. Once he finally got there, you just knew he'd be a lifer. No reason to expect any dropoff in Barber's play whatsoever.

Jay Feely – The same type of season and numbers as last year and Feely will get the recognition he deserves. Can't imagine Neil Rackers is going to continue to make every single kick all season long again, right?

David Tyree – Until someone in the league can block him on kick and/or punt coverage, Tyree's going to have an annual trip to Hawaii. He's that good – and dedicated and determined.

New Faces

LaVar Arrington – Whether he likes it or not, Arrington is the new face of the Giants defense. His presence is going to make everything easier for those around him – and his underrated leadership skills are going to come in handy when dealing with the younger players.

Sam Madison – He was brought in not only to make some plays and pick off some passes, but to provide a little arrogance and swagger as well, something that's certainly been missing from the Giants secondary for years now.

Brandon Short – He's going to prove extremely valuable if Emmons stumbles or any of the LBs get hurt.

Sinorice Moss – He's expected to provide a jolt of electricity into an already potent offense. If the Giants can find the right way to use him – on slip screens, quick slants and the like – then it could be quite a rookie campaign for Santana's little bro.

Boo Williams – Don't overlook big Boo, who could finally give the Giants a little blocking from the tight end position. With all the downfield threats New York already has, there's no reason for the reserve tight end to even think about catching passes. That's what Shockey and the receivers are for.


Coughlin's entrenched – The biggest storyline may be that there's no Coughlin-related story at all. No longer do you hear about Coughlin's tough ways or personality conflicts with the players. He's the coach, they're the players and everyone finally seems fine with that. My gosh, what are we all going to write about now?

Manning to Burress – We're not sure if there is even any sort of rift between franchise QB and star WR, but it's certainly something worth watching. Those two certainly don't have to double date or go to lunch together, but they sure as heck better be able to get along in the locker room and on the field. Here's a thought: perhaps Manning should make a more concerted effort to get his best receiver the ball. Here's another: perhaps Plax should do a better job of running the correct routes so Manning can find him.

The Kiwi tree – How much, how often and how effective is top-round pick Mathias Kiwanuka going to contribute this season? If his play during the summer warrants playing time, we're all for it. What would be detrimental, however, is if they force him on the field just because he was the first-round pick. He's probably nowhere near ready to play NFL run defense just yet, but subbing him in on pass-rushing downs sounds like a good idea to us.

Eli's caddy – The three-man competition to back up Manning will definitely be worth watching this summer. Coughlin has to determine who's second, who's third and who's being waived among the trio of Tim Hasselbeck, Rob Johnson (whom he drafted) and Jared Lorenzen (whom he's already spent a lot of time on).

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