Oh Deer! Madison, Wilson Survive Scare

The ride up to Albany Wednesday evening was hardly peaceful for Sam Madison and Gibril Wilson. One half of New York's starting secondary ran head on into a deer along the New York Thruway, leaving the deer for dead and Madison's CLS 29 white Mercedes Benz banged up to say the least.

"I don't know what he was doing," laughed Wilson, who was asleep when the accident occurred. "It was just a crazy situation." Madison claimed that he never left his lane after impact.

"I was holding it like a champ," Madison joked.

"He kept it steady," Wilson confirmed.

The duo's three-hour ride turned into a more than five-hour journey when Madison, possibly shaken from the incident, missed the exit and, according to Wilson, "we ended up right near Boston."

The trip was a learning experience for Wilson: "Next year I'm going to drive or fly up here," he laughed. "Sam's definitely not driving."

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