Aikman Calls Eli to Apologize

Before being inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame next weekend, former Cowboys great Troy Aikman angered a couple Giants by publicly criticizing the trio of Eli Manning, Plaxico Burress and Jeremy Shockey for not working together during the offseason.

"I don't care what Aikman says, he's not my quarterback," Burress said upon reporting to Albany. "I have never played with him and I really don't know him. He can speak about whatever he chooses to speak about, but he's not going to be our quarterback. Eli is, so we just have to go out there and try and get better and work hard; this is where it all starts."

Manning said that Aikman called the young signal-caller to apologize.

"He called me the other day," Manning said. "He called and just kind of wanted to explain what he was saying. Sometimes what you say can come out the wrong way or other people can interpret it in different ways. He was just saying that he wasn't trying to call me out in any way or say I was doing anything wrong."

Still the issue of Burress and Shockey working out in Miami refuses to go away.

"We've worked together," Manning stated. "We've got a year. It's my third year going with Shockey. We have a good comfort level going with each other, know what to expect from each other, and have good timing. We have enough time during training camp and mini camp to get that down. So, we'll be fine once the season starts."

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