Carter Slowed Again

Tim Carter can't catch a break. The speedy receiver is expecting to start his fifth Giants training camp the way he's spent much of his Giants career on the sideline.

"I'm definitely disappointed", Carter said after checking into his U-Albany dorm room. "I might not be able to practice (Friday). There have definitely been some ups and downs in my career."

The latest down, patella tendonitis in his left knee, happened about three weeks ago, when Carter was working out in preparation for the start of training camp. After completing a workout that included leg lifts and squats, Carter began to feel some pain.

The news was especially disheartening considering that Carter felt better than usual before his latest bump in the road.

Carter, who's shooting to capture the club's third receiver spot, has also suffered from Achilles' and hip injuries and concussions during his checkered career.

Now, of course, Carter wants to be on the field as quick as possible, but knows that a little extra rest could only help.

"I don't want anything to hinder my performance," he said, "especially when it involves my wheels."

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