Short Long on Speed

Brandon Short is back in New York and looking lighter and quicker than ever. During Friday's morning session, Short often blitzed very effectively, showing a little more quicks than when he last played for Big Blue in 2003.

"The wheels feel good," Short laughed after practice, a precautionary wrap covering his surgically-repaired knee. "I felt like I never left." During the offseason Short, who played the last two seasons in Carolina, said he dropped close to 10 pounds and is now tipping the scales at 245. He's as ready as ever as Camp 2006 kicked off.

"Every start to a new season is exciting," Short said. "The potential for this team is limitless. We just have to pay the toll right now in order to be celebrating in February."

Linebacker LaVar Arrington, who was unhappy yesterday with comments made by ESPN analyst Merril Hoge, said their disagreement has been mended after the two men had a phone conversation.

Arrington, asked Giants vice president of communications Pat Hanlon to call Hoge. Hanlon and Hoge are friends and Arrington has known Hoge since he was a youngster growing up in Western Pennsylvania.

"I had our PR people call him," Arrington said. "I wouldn't do that with just anybody, but I've known him since I was in middle school. We speak and he reported on games I played in as a high school player. That one hit me kind of personal, so it was cool that he gave me a call."

"He did apologize. It felt good. It hurt my feelings, because we go way back. It was good that he called me and made it right."

Hoge had said that Arrington lacks discipline and he questioned whether the three-time Pro Bowler could play for Coughlin.

"It was strong," Arrington said. "He just basically said that he took what was being said and didn't even think to take the time to give me a call. He got caught up in the moment of getting information from one source and ran with it. Sometimes it happens. But when you have a person that you communicate with and you have a personal relationship with, usually I let him know 'you're going to say what you're going to say.' But at least communicate with me and let me know that this is what you're thinking or this is what you heard, how do you feel about it. The courtesy and the respect that he showed by calling me and apologizing, I'll take that. I've moved on from it."

The Giants have re-signed rookie defensive tackle Sir Henry Anderson of Oregon State. Anderson was originally signed by the Giants on May 13 and waived on July 6. He started 22 of 32 games at Oregon State, where he recorded 65 tackles and six sacks during his college career.

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