Zeigler Still Sidelined

Center Dusty Zeigler will still be playing the waiting game when camp opens today. He has been sidelined since undergoing surgery in January, and although he will report to camp, his activity will be limited

It's a bad time for Center Dusty Zeigler to on the sideline.

Zeigler fully expects to be 100 percent for the Giants season opener against San Francisco, but that's not going to help a young and changing offensive line play cohesively.

According to the Star-Ledger, here's how the offensive line is shaping up:

  • Second-year Rich Seubert is penciled in at left guard
  • Luke Petitgout is now being moved to left tackle
  • Jason Whittle takes on the right guard position, and is also the backup center
  • Chris Bober and Mike Rosenthal will battle for the right tackle spot

Head coach Jim Fassel shared his confidence in Zeigler saying "He's going to be slow starting but, in the long term, I think he's going to be fine..."

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