Interview With LaVar Arrington's Wife

"He was man enough to realize it was time to start new."LaVar Arrington might be the most exciting free agent signing in Giants history. He also might seemingly be the most misunderstood. That's why TGI tracked down Trishia, LaVar's wife for the last year-and-a-half, to shed some light on one of New York's most popular topics.

Trishia is up in Albany with the couple's six-month-old daughter, Marlee, and Trishia's 13-year-old brother, Teddy. Here's what Mrs. Arrington had to say.

Q: Who exactly is LaVar Arrington?

A: He's amazing. He's an amazing person, he's an amazing father and he's an amazing husband. He's an all-around great person. He really has been misunderstood. Washington put a lot of negative spin on him that really isn't true. He's a hard worker; he's very disciplined. And despite what a lot of people like to say, he's very educated. A lot of people don't realize he's had to deal with six coaches and six different defenses in seven years. A lot of people overlook that and don't realize that it's not easy. That's a big reason we're excited to be here because they have a great, great coaching staff. I think once he's here for a little while everything will fall into place. Hopefully here people will see him for who he really is.

Q: Why do you think he's been so misunderstood?

A: I really don't know. I really don't. LaVar is a wonderful family man. I know the teammates that have gotten a chance to know him really loved him. He's a team guy, a team player. He just wants to win. The last couple of years have been hard for him. So many different coaches is a hard thing for anybody. But he's trying to make the adjustment and hopefully we'll be here for a while.

Q: How much has he been bothered by what's been said and written about him?

A: He's a human being. Hurtful words that aren't true – just like anybody else – they bother him. He's so interested in everyone getting to know the real LaVar, and the real person that he is. It makes it even harder for me, because sometimes I feel like I have to pick him up. He's very smart – he reads the papers and reads the articles. He is concerned about what other people say about him. But I've always told him that, in time, the truth will always come out.

Q: What about the claims that he's uncoachable?

A: That's not true. It's not his fault that he has a different coach every year. He's very well coachable. It's really hard. Those defensive schemes are not easy. Sometimes I see his notebook and it looks like French to me. And switching and having to learn a new scheme basically every year is not an easy task to do.

Q: What's something the average person doesn't know about LaVar Arrington?

A: He is very sensitive. He's a big, strong, massive guy, but he's really my gentle giant. He's just a great man. He's really my rock. Sometimes it's hard when he's down because I have to be strong for him. For the most part, he's just a gentle giant. He's amazing.

Q: How did you two meet?

A: We met at one of his charity functions in DC and it's been happily ever after for us.

Q: Did he have you at hello?

A: When I first saw him I thought he was attractive. I was talking to some of my girlfriends and they said ‘don't you know who that is?' I was so disappointed because you hear so many things about football players and what they're like and how they are. He'll tell you that I gave him such a hard time. He asked if I wanted a picture with him and I said no. I was so mean to him. But after we sat down and talked, I couldn't believe that he was such a normal, regular guy. He has good values. I remember thinking to myself at that point that if this man is who he says he is, I'm going to marry him. He's never changed. He's the exact same person as the day that I met him. He's awesome. You'll realize once you get to know him that he's a righteous guy. He really is.

Q: If he could have everyone see right into and know him, what would he want everyone to see?

A: Probably that he's just a person. He may be in the media and on TV all the time, but he's just a person. He's just as normal as you and me. Everything people say he hears. He has feelings too, he's just as sensitive as the rest of us. He's just trying to work hard and win games.

Q: How excited is he to receive a fresh start?

A: How's so excited. The team's great, the coaches are good. Everyone's accepted him with open arms. We're all so excited to be here. New York is awesome. It's the media capital of the world and we're thrilled to be here.

Q: What are your thoughts about leaving DC?

A: We're still there. Our home will always be in DC. It was more of a new start for him and us. It was time to go. Sometimes it's hard to realize that, but he was man enough to realize it was time to start new.

Q: How have the New York fans accepted him so far?

A: They're wonderful. They're as excited as we are. It's been a great start for us.

Q: How exactly is it being married to an NFL superstar?

A: The way I look at it is that it's a blessing. The way I live my life is honestly a blessing. It's a blessing from God to be able to impact as many lives as we do on a daily basis. Even though we're just human too, people do look up to us. The one thing I love about him the most is that he's just a person. He believes that football is his job. He goes to work and comes home. When he comes home he leaves the work at work. That really makes it nice.

Q: What are his on-field goals here?

A: To win. The Giants are a great organization. They went to the playoffs last year. We're looking forward to a Super Bowl. I know he's looking forward to being part of something again, and of course he's looking forward to playing. He wants to get out there and play like he knows he can. The past two years were really rough on him and a lot of his swagger was taken away from him because he wasn't able to play like he can. Here in New York he's going to be able to play like LaVar. He'll fit into the new schemes and with his new coaches and teammates. I think it's going to be really great for him here.

Q: How easy or difficult a decision was it for you two to come to New York?

A: I think overall it was the best decision. A lot of critics said it took so long because he wanted the money. But honestly he took so long because he wanted to make the best decision – not only for himself but for the two of us and our families. At the end of the day, New York was the best decision. And I'm really excited because I think it's going to be a great fit.

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