Sullivan: Better to Receive Than Give

TGI sat down with wide receivers coach Mike Sullivan, who discussed each and every one of his WRs at camp's outset. Here's what he had to say.

On Plaxico Burress: We're focusing on moving forward. I've spoken to him and he's excited about all the work we have to do. The focus is on what we can do now to improve from last season. We want this year's story to be him being consistent and making plays and us, most importantly, having success as a team.

On what's missing from his game: One drop is too many. All the receivers want to improve their hands. In terms of just finishing his routes, there are some technical things that he's aware of. He's so big and strong that when he uses that size and strength he really can be effective and dominate the defenders. Just refining some of his fundamentals and his route running, if he's able to do that he should be in great shape.

On his mental makeup: He's a competitor. All receivers want the ball more. They're all open all the time. The sooner that any player can get into a groove and a rhythm, it helps them. It's our job as coaches to make sure that he's mentally ready and knows what's going on out there. When he has early success, it certainly has helped him. But we can't wait around for that; we have to take the opportunities as they come. He needs to keep a positive attitude and the plays will come.

On Amani Toomer: Amani is a tremendous competitor. I think he approached last season with the attitude that he was going to make the very most of every chance he got. If you looked down the stretch, he was making some big catches for us. I think he's going to pick up right where he left off. His third year in the system, I think he's gotten to a comfort level – he's played both positions, the X and the Z. We're excited about where he is.

On Toomer's competitiveness: Amani's the type of guy that if it's a crucial situation he wants the football. Look at the Denver game last season. It was a 2:00 minute drive and he was the guy. He stepped in front of a defender to go up and get the game-winning touchdown. If there was any one game that typified his competitiveness, it would be that one. Personalities are different, but when it's time to step between the lines, he's a very proud man and a very competitive person that wants the ball and wants to be the guy in pressure situations.

On Sinorice Moss: It's very exciting to have him here from the start. We were very impressed with the things he did this offseason. He has speed, quickness, a burst and also has a maturity level about him. He carries himself like a veteran.

On Moss's size: That's not even the slightest concern. He's a football player that has the physical skills that you can't coach. He is pretty strong. He uses his hands well and is put together pretty well.

On what makes Moss unique: He does a tremendous job in meetings and in being aware of what's going on. He has tremendous practice habits. When he's had opportunities he's made plays.

On Tim Carter: It's very important for him to be on the field. He brings great speed and acceleration. He's a deep ball threat. The more he's in there and getting the reps he can just play when the season starts, especially someone that's as fast and explosive as he is.

On Carter's injury problems: He wants to be out there and he has goals and aspirations. Everyone around this program knows that he can help us win when he's out there. We have to focus on what we can control. He has to do everything he can to make the most of his opportunities.

On David Tyree: He started off last season as the third receiver due to various situations and injuries. He brings toughness to the position, no question about it. He's versatile; he's capable of playing all three positions. He does a great job on all our quizzes and tests. He's someone we can depend on. He'll have another opportunity to show that he can be that third receiver.

On Willie Ponder: He brings great toughness. There are none tougher than Willie P. He needs to transfer some of that toughness and ability to make plays on special teams out to the receiver position.

On Anthony Mix: He's another size guy (6-4, 235) that's had a few injury problems this offseason. It'll be important for him that he stays out on the practice field and does all he can to stay healthy and learn the system.

On Triandos Luke: He's a receiver that came to us from Denver and he raised a few eyebrows because he was able to grasp the system pretty quickly and made some plays. He has a smoothness and an athleticism about him.

On Michael Jennings: He's a speed receiver. He's a deep threat.

On Harry Williams: He's from the Jets and has good size (6-2, 196). He can move around for us and play some different positions.

On the crop of WRs: It's a good group. I'm very excited about having all these guys in camp. They're all professional. Now we just have to put it all together.

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