Quick Get Quicker

Aug. 4 – One thing Chad Morton didn't need to worry about was getting quicker – yet he went out and did it anyway. Morton, who bolstered New York's return games last season and was the NFC's first Pro Bowl alternate, had a very productive offseason.

Not only did he have successful knee surgery, but he dropped some weight and added some muscle as well.

"I dropped about eight pounds," he said. "My speed's been improving. I'm lighter and faster so it's going to be exciting this year. Even though I'm lighter I'm stronger than ever."

As for his ailing right knee, Morton shook it off last year en route to averaging 9.6 yards per punt return and 23.3 yards on kickoffs. This offseason he had a procedure that left him feeling fantastic.

"It's never felt better," he said. "I had it cleaned up. I never feel it. It's basically like a brand new knee."

Morton, who always sprints all the way to the end zone during kickoff and punt return drills, has looked quicker than ever thus far up in Albany.

"I've always done that," he said. "It's one of my trademarks, trying to outwork everybody. I want to do it now so that in the games it becomes second nature."

While the KR and PR jobs are clearly his to lose, Morton says he can't afford to let up.

"I have so many great athletes behind me that I can never get complacent," he said.

With a full offseason under his belt (he signed last year on Sept. 3) and a second year working with special teams coach Mike Sweatman, Morton says the sky's the limit for New York's specialty units.

"We should be incredible this year," he smiled.

As if Morton's offseason wasn't productive enough, he went out and got engaged to his girlfriend of 11 years, Tamra Livers. The two have been dating since they met at a high school state track meet in California.

Putting all of us regular Joes to shame, Morton and Livers got engaged in Paris (his first time out of the country), are planning to get married in Hawaii (in March) and honeymoon in Rome.

Now that's incredible…

Even Steven: Tom Coughlin disputed a suggestion by a reporter that the offense has been outperforming the defense in camp.

"I don't see that; that's not what I see," Coughlin said. "It's kind of the same way it always is in camp. You will have one period somebody will do…like today the offense was okay early and forget it later on, so whether that's the defense, whether the offense stalls out, whether the match-up of the defensive front and coverage against the pass that's called, it's just scripted. It's all said and done. The defense scripts their stuff and the offense scripts their stuff. Sometimes one group meshes on the other and the other way around. So I have not seen anything to tell me that that is the case. There have been flashes, there have been good drills on both sides, but there certainly is no one side of the ball doing better than the other side."

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