TGI's Training Camp Buzz Box

TGI is excited to introduce a new feature – the Buzz Box. Each issue we're going to take a handful of hot topics that are in the news and weigh in on them. As always, your feedback is appreciated.

Tiki's future – No, the best running back in Giants history wasn't just trying to make waves when he said this year could actually be his last season for Big Blue. This really could be Tiki's last year. "I won't play past my current contract, which is three years," he said. "Probably not more than two but we'll see."

A lot will go into his decision, and he has repeatedly said that he's yet to make up his mind. But this guy has more post-football options than anyone we could imagine – and is mature enough to be willing to walk away from the game on top – a la Barry Sanders. He said the main reason he came back is because he truly felt like this club was a title contender. If they don't win the Super Bowl this season and he doesn't feel the same way next season, ‘06 might turn out to be Barber's swan song. That's where our (minimal) money is.

Simeon disses Strahan – C'mon now, who really cares. Simeon Rice on his best day couldn't hold a candle to Michael Strahan. But you think after Strahan's name has been smeared through the media the last several months during his way-too public divorce that he's going to care what a pretender thinks? Remember how he took the high road and laughed off Warren Sapp after he broke the sack record? Must be something in the Tampa water – or the draft beer they serve at Hooter's. If anyone has the right to be talking about taking Strahan's throne as the game's best DE, it's his teammate, Osi Umenyiora. Expect even bigger things from him this season as well.

TC needs better management skills – This is a funny time to be bringing this up. Ask the players and they're enjoying and crediting Coughlin more than ever these days. Just fining and suspending guys because they act up or you don't like their body language does not a successful manager/coach make. Sure we'd all like to see Plaxico walk around and appear to care, but that's just him. The bottom line is he can be a beast on the field and it's Coughlin's task to get the most out of his star player – whether he lets him get away with a little more than others or not. Throwing a blanket over everyone when he took over and treating his Pro Bowlers like they were rookie free agents was an example of bad management. How he's currently trying to keep a bunch of stars on the same page and as productive as can be is an example of good management.

Time to dump Shockey – Another funny one. Everyone now wants to show one of the all-time fan favorites the door? Sure Shockey has his misgivings, for sure. But he won't be 26 for another couple weeks and we want to give up on him already? That's crazy talk. He's a Pro Bowler. Yes, he's been injured a lot. But most of that is due to him playing the game with reckless abandon, one of the main reasons we all fell in love with him in the first place. Besides, is anyone ready to turn the TE spot over to Visanthe Shiancoe? Don't think Antonio Gates or Tony Gonzalez are going to be all that easy to get in a trade.

NFC East picks – Every time I've picked Dallas, I've been wrong, usually with the Giants showing me up. Let's hope that's the case again. It's going to come down to Big Blue and Big D with Washington nipping at their heels. The Eagles? They'll be better but not playoff better. For the record, let's say Dallas with the Giants nailing down a Wild Card spot.

Eli needs to take better control – Eli is who he is. He's never going to be grabbing guys by the facemask like Phil Simms or Kerry Collins did. The Giants knew what kind of personality he was when they drafted him and he's been exactly that. They love how he is such a smooth, unflappable customer and he remains that way. He's worked harder than anyone this offseason so if there isn't a slight increase from last season (remember the kid threw for a whopping 3,762 yards in his first year as a starter and directed the third highest-scoring offense in the league), we'd be surprised.

Tim Carter – He's been the star of camp so far. He went from not even expecting to suit up to catching everything in sight. Carter obviously has the speed and talent to produce on a high level, yet he needs to stay on the field to consistently make it happen. If he can, Carter could be camp's biggest surprise. No one even expected him to be re-signed this offseason, but the Giants decided to give him one more chance – so far, it's paid off in a big way. Sooner or later, he had to catch a break and break out – maybe this just happens to be the year.

Diminutive Moss – Yes, Sinorice Moss is short (5-8), but he certainly isn't small. Moss is very thick-chested and strong. While injuries and perhaps rookie jitters have prevented him from shining up at camp so far, there's no reason to believe that he can't succeed despite his lack of height. If he can do what the Giants think he can – take short passes like slip screens and turn them into long gains – he'll be just fine. If he doesn't show that ability, it will be just another high draft choice the Giants wasted on a wide receiver. While TGI still says the correct move would have been to take Chad Jackson or Santonio Holmes in the first round, we're certainly not about to give up on Moss just yet.

Simms in the Hall – The induction of Harry Carson into the Hall of Fame further brings to light the fact that Phil Simms should be in the Hall as well. Simms did everything Jim Kelly did – and more when you consider he won one Super Bowl and put the Giants on the doorstep of another. Simms, unfortunately, suffers from the anti-New York bias on the Hall of Fame selection committee as well as the fact that he quarterbacked a run-oriented team with average receivers at best. The offensive talent that surrounded Kelly far surpassed what Simms had at his disposal. It took way too long for Carson to get in. Hopefully Simms will get his just due soon enough.

Next GM – Anyone who says they have a clue who's going to succeed Ernie Accorsi as the Giants GM is fooling themselves. There are several candidates from within, but many around the organization believe the right move would be to bring in someone from the outside. It's too early to tell who's the right man for the job, but it says here that Jerry Reese should get a nice, long look.

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