Hall of a Day

Here are the some of the highlights of Harry Carson being inducted into The Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Donald Carson, Harry's son and presenter:

"If I ask my father today whether the Hall of Fame is a need or a want, he will probably say it's not a need, because going to nine Pro Bowls, he was voted by his opposition and the players he played against. That was enough to validate his career. He would say it's a want. He wouldn't say it's a want for him, he would say it's a want for his family, friends and fans, because the people want it so dearly for him.

"Thinking about it, I would say he's right. The Hall of Fame isn't a need or a want for you, dad, it's something that you so deserve.

"So with that, I'm going to say I love you and I'm proud to be your son. Ladies and gentlemen, it brings me great honor to present to you my father, my friend, my hero, Harry Carson."

Harry Carson:

"I am the one individual who probably should not be standing before you this afternoon. I am so much unlike a football player. Physically I look like a football player, but inside I have my mother's heart. My mother's heart is being gentle, being caring, looking out for people."

"South Carolina State, I continue to say, it's the best four years of my life. South Carolina State turned me from being a boy into a man. I was fortunate enough to be drafted by Marty Schottenheimer to play with the New York Giants.

"When I was in college, also in high school, I never played, never played linebacker. But Marty had the foresight to see me as an athlete, to give me an opportunity to play middle linebacker."

"I am excited, and that's the first time I've said anything about being excited about the Hall of Fame, I'm excited about being that person to be able to represent any football player who snapped on that chin strap, any football player who has had a sprained ankle, any football player who knows what it's like to not want to have to run an extra lap, an extra sprint, but he does it."

"Well, I've done the best that I could. I'm here maybe a little late, but I'm here. I don't care how long it's taken. All of you who have been my supporters, you Giant fans, you know what it's all about, you know what it's all about. You've been there for me. You remember those years when the Giants sucked; the Giants were awful. You know about it.

"It's been a tremendous ride. It's been my honor to represent all of you, the National Football League, the Giant organization, my family, and the New York Giant fans."

"As I enter the Hall of Fame, I take so many people with me: my teammates, my family, my close friends, my coaches. I take my ancestors; I take my children. Most importantly I take the fans who have encouraged me game after game after game and over the last 18 years after I left the game of football."

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