Sims Ready for Big Chance

Never in James Sims' wildest dreams did he envision that he'd be getting a bulk of the carries during New York's preseason opener against the Ravens. Heck, with Tiki Barber, Brandon Jacobs and Derrick Ward around, the rookie free agent RB from Washington had to be wondering if he'd even see the field at all.

But with Ward injured and the coaching staff not wanting to overload Barber or Jacobs, it's Sims' time to shine.

"I think I've been doing well," Sims said. "I'm just trying to make sure that I'm in there and I don't mess up."

Sims said Tom Coughlin "just comes by to make sure I'm ready."

The 6-0, 211-pound Sims said he's benefited and learned from Tiki Barber.

"He's a great teacher," Sims said. "He wants everybody to be prepared at the same level."

Despite being buried on the depth chart at the start of camp, Sims acknowledges that there might just be a place for him in the Giants backfield.

"I definitely see the potential in how it's all set up," he said.

Sims rushed for 713 yards the past two seasons after spending the first two playing safety, where he piled up 50 tackles. He was asked what the fans could expect to see on Friday evening.

"They're going to see I'm a hard runner," he said.

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