LaVar: I'll be ready to rock and roll.

LaVar Arrington says there's absolutely no reason to worry that he's been sidelined the last few days. Arrington, who almost definitely won't suit up in Baltimore, said that he'd most likely return to practice on Sunday.

"It's really not that frustrating," he said. "I'm learning the system and getting a chance to be 100 percent again.

"No worries. I'm getting my mental reps down. I'll be ready to rock and roll."

Arrington repeated that he's not suffering from any particular injury.

"I know I'm not in any danger zone health-wise," he said. "I'm not injured. They're not holding me back due to injury. They're pacing me. It's a long season."

When asked if he balked at the staff's decision to slow him down, Arrington laughed. "No, I just do what they tell me to," he said.

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