Coughlin: O'Hara doubtful for Jets

Tom Coughlin met with the New York media on a conference call on Aug. 18 to discuss New York's 17-0 preseason victory over Kansas City. Here's what he had to say:

Q: Tell us about Shaun (O'Hara).

A: Shaun has an MCL sprain, a knee sprain. We're just going to have to go day by day. You have to say he's doubtful for next week's game. Hopefully he can get himself back. There wasn't a lot of swelling this morning. He is sore. He's got some black and blue, but hopefully he can come right back.

Q: Were your impressions of the game pretty much the same this morning as you had last night? You sounded pretty happy.

A: The first thing is you look at the objectives as they were set forth. The first part about it was to be physical and I think we were that. I mentioned that I thought Kansas City is a good football team without a doubt with incredible, outstanding offensive weapons. We did have a very good game. We were able to go out and hold them to 40 yards rushing. We were physical up front. People made plays and there were a lot of people that I thought the effort was good all the way through. I thought the efforts on the physical nature of the game were good throughout the entire ball game. I think having the ability to rush the ball for 154 yards and to be able to rush some late in the game when it was quite obvious that we weren't trying to throw the ball were good things. That's two weeks in a row that we've kind of been able to run the ball when we've had to at the end of the game, which I think is a good sign.

The first offense was able to score the first time they had the ball. We didn't really think that the opportunity for the no-huddle would come so we invented it. That was a good experience for us to get our people involved in that. Now it wasn't on the road and it wasn't noisy and all of that stuff, but it was a good thing to control that aspect of it. Our second group had a chance at least to be down there to have a chance to have a touchdown. They didn't get it, but they ended up with some points. I thought that was good. We were a little inconsistent with that group. I think there were many times when the pressure stopped us from being able to negotiate and consistently make yards. They hung in there on that one drive and did a couple of good things. I think that the overall objectives are obviously to win the game and we did win the game.

Q: Did the defensive tackles impress you at all?

A: We're encouraged by it. I mean we've got to continue to get better. I thought Fred Robbins made some good plays and showed improvement. I thought William Joseph did the same, showed some outstanding plays and showed improvement. I was trying to be encouraged by the play of (Barry) Cofield. (Jonas) Seawright's play has got to improve on a weekly basis. Sir Henry Anderson made a couple of real nice plays with a batted down ball and a nice pressure situation. On the idea of the improvement: there was improvement. There were some plays that weren't as good as others obviously. So, there's more work to be done, as there always is, but it did get better.

Q: Would you still consider bringing in Grady Jackson or Brentson Buckner if they check out okay with their visits?

A: I don't know about that. We're going to be always on the lookout for anybody that we think has the possibility of helping us. So, we'll continue to operate in that fashion. I'm not saying that anything would get done, but being aware obviously.

Q: How much of a concern is it that you now have (Luke) Petitgout with back problems and you don't know how long O'Hara is going to be out?

A: Well you're always concerned about that; you'd love to have a situation where you could put your people on the field and allow them to play and get better with one another. It certainly has been a preseason where for one reason or another we haven't had a chance to stay with that continuity for very long, so it is a concern. We've got to find out our niche with these type of things. With Luke's back, it's he could be grounded for any length of time and all of a sudden it rises up and becomes a problem, so we just have to figure out how he feels … depends on a day to day basis and how sore he is and how soon do we feel he can get back into action. With Shaun it will be, I'm not going to say it's day-to-day because obviously there is soreness and strength that needs to be developed and so on, but there is no question that it is a concern.

Q: When the doctors saw Sinorice Moss did they give you any indication of any other problems with him and do you expect him back this week?

A: Well he's feeling much better and I'm encouraged by that and I say that conservatively because I know I have said that before to you and I am only repeating what I'm told. He's had setbacks whenever we've got to the point when we think we're close to putting him back on the field so I would just say this, he's had a couple of good days, he feels really good, he's anxious and the prognosis is positive, so I'm hoping that in the not too distant future we get him back to practice.

Q: I know the thing with O'Hara is kind of indefinite, but are you worried about opening day?

A: I'm not going to go that far just yet; I think from what I understand that he should be back by then and hopefully before.

Q: What young guys have caught your eye in the first two exhibition games?

A: Well (Michael) Jennings made plays a couple weeks ago. I think Tyson Smith on special teams was impressive. (Mathias) Kiwanuka played aggressively and hard again. Justin Tuck played well against the run and certainly got our attention. Cofield, we played at nose and at 3-technique, he did some good things. (Gerris) Wilkinson made some plays, both on special teams and on the defensive side of the ball. I thought that Corey Webster really did a good job in coverage, was probably the only secondary player that was tested, but he did do a nice job in terms of his coverage so I was pleased with that. I thought (Guy) Whimper was an aggressive player as an offensive lineman, I thought that (Mike) Jemison continues to run the ball hard when his opportunities come.

Q: Do you see significant improvements in Brandon Jacobs?

A: Yes, oh yeah; the experience factor is there and he is aware of his surroundings and the pressure situations, his awareness of who his responsibilities are, I think I definitely see that. I think he worked hard in the offseason and I think he's stronger and he looks to be more flexible, he looks like he's got the ability to lower his hips, bend his knees a little bit better than he did a year ago. I think his run, the touchdown run, was an example of his power, the use of power inside.

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