Fassel gives Shockey the morning off

TE Jeremy Shockey finally arrived in Albany. Unfortunately due to flight problems, the rookie did not get in until about 4:00 AM.

Everyone was waiting for the arrival of first round draft pick Jeremy Shockey, and eager to see him take the field.

It looks like fans and coaches will have to wait just a little bit longer.

Shockey was scheduled to be en route to NY last evening, but delayed flights and problems in Miami brought his arrival time to early this morning.

Shockey arrived around 4:00 am, and after speaking with head coach Jim Fassel around 4:30am, needed some rest.

Fassel told Shockey to get some needed sleep before the afternoon practice.

Shockey is expected to be available today for the media around 12:30pm EST.

Fassel said Shockey appeared to be in good shape, but was still concerned that the rookie has missed a lot of camp.

Fassel also stated that he was especially concerned because TE is one of the most complex positions to play (aside from the QB), because both offensive skills (route running and pass catching) and defensive blocking skills were needed.

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